Police come to rescue after car trouble threatened family holiday

The Vincent family from Bradwell were escorted to Norwich Airport by police after they broke down on the NDR

The Vincent family's children with the police officers who escorted them to Norwich Airport after their car broke down on the NDR. - Credit: Gemma Vincent

A family arrived at Norwich Airport for their holiday in style after a breakdown led to a trip in a police car.

Gemma Vincent's vehicle broke down on the NDR as she and her family headed for their flight to Tenerife.

The family, from Bradwell, near Great Yarmouth, were just ten minutes from the airport when the car's clutch stopped working on Friday, December 10, 2021.

Fears that they would miss their flight were quelled when police, who attended the scene, said they would help the family reach their destination.

Mrs Vincent said: "We had just crossed the Salhouse roundabout on the NDR and my clutch froze. I could not change gear.

"We were stuck in the left-hand lane with our hazards on and I just called the police.

"They came really quickly and were so lovely. They helped me get the car to the side of the road.

Gemma's family from Bradwell, near Great Yarmouth, made it to their flight thanks to a police escort to Norwich airport.

Gemma's seven-year-old daughter on the plane after they made their flight thanks to a police escort to the airport. - Credit: Gemma Vincent

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"I was in a full panic. I thought we'd have to order a taxi but the officers told us not to worry and that they would take us to the airport."

After being reassured by the officers, the family made their way to the airport with the police.

Gemma, her husband, and their two children were driven to Norwich Airport in two police cars, with a third just for their luggage.

She added: "The police dropped us off at the McDonald's next to the airport because they didn't want to go into the airport car park.

"I was more than happy to walk to the terminal after all the help they gave us.

"I didn't properly calm down until I was on the plane where I realised I'd even cut my foot on some thorns on the side of the NDR in my panic."

Mrs Vincent's father was able get their car fixed at Buckworth's Garage in St Olaves well before the family returned from Tenerife on December 17.

The family from Bradwell, near Great Yarmouth, arrived at Norwich airport by police escort.

Car troubles did not stop the family from enjoying their holiday. Mrs Vincent's 11-year-old son on holiday. - Credit: Gemma Vincent

The mother of two said: "We're very thankful to the police who helped us and the team at the garage for fixing my car. 

"This is why I always try to get to the airport three hours early."