Police focus on Cliff Park parking problems

SCHOOL run motorists are to be targeted by police in Magdalen after parking problems around the Cliff Park schools was made a priority.

Officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) will be increasing high-visibility patrols to tackle irresponsible parking on Elmhurst Close. The priority will also include patrols in Gresham Close, off Brasenose Avenue, where residents are also experiencing problems.

The issue was raised as a concern at the recent Magdalen Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting held on Monday, January 17.

A recent spate of vandalism to cars in Mariners Compass and Catalpa Way was also discussed and both issues were chosen as priorities for the team. SNT and response officers will be carrying out targeted patrols during key crime times.

During the meeting officers updated people on the work carried out against previous priorities.

Included were the issue of parking on Elmhurst Court, which is being continued as a priority after officers conducted patrols over the last three months and gave out warning to drivers

Parking and speeding on Plane Road and Cherry Road was also discussed, following several speed checks and foot patrols

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Finally, the issue of Underage drinking and smoking in Magdalen Square addressed.

Police have worked with local shops to ensure alcohol is not sold to under-18s and during the priority period there have been no reports of underage people attempting to buy alcohol.

Contact 0845 456 4567 or email sntmagdalen@norfolk.pnn.police.uk.