Police issue warning after spate of thefts in Great Yarmouth

POLICE are urging motorists to remember to remove all valuables from their vehicles after a spate thefts in the borough.

There have been around a dozen incidents in the Great Yarmouth area since Friday, Apri 20l and, while police are making progress on tracing offenders for these incidents, officers are asking motorists to take some simple precautions to help protect their vehicles from thieves.

A wallet containing was stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked at Harbord Crescent overnight from Monday, Apri 30 to Tuesday, May 1, a toolbox and two coats were stolen from a vehicle parked at Standard Place was broken into between 8pm on Tuesday, May 1 and 11am on Wednesday, May 2 and two Sat Navs were stolen from a car in Oriel Avenue in Gorleston between Sunday, April 22 and Monday, April 30.

Police are asking drivers to remember to lock up and check their vehicles. Officers are urging motorists not to leave items in their cars and vans.

In several recent cases gloveboxes have been searched and you should never leave satellite navigation systems or vehicle documents in here when leaving your vehicle unattended.

Anyone with information about the above crimes should call police on 101.

Police have issued the following crime prevention tips:

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Don’t leave valuables or other items on view in your car. A handbag ‘hidden’ under a seat or a phone left on the dashboard is an easy target, as is a satellite navigation system or a car stereo. That coat or newspaper on the back seat could be hiding a camera or bag and an opportunist thief will break in to take a look. Take valuables with you and lock anything else in the boot.

Do not forget to lock your car doors, close windows and secure your sunroof and never leave your keys in the ignition.

If you have a garage use it - but still lock your vehicle. It only takes a moment for someone to get in and drive off, or steal an item you have left on the seat.

If your car is fitted with a removable radio or front plate, take it out.

Security mark all your audio equipment - and other items - with your postcode. It makes it harder to sell, easier to trace and, if recovered by police, will be able to be returned to you.

If possible have an engine immobiliser or alarm fitted, preferably with a visible warning light to warn thieves that your car is protected.

Don’t leave documents that may aid the thief, such as your driving licence, MoT and insurance certificate in your vehicle.

Thieves steal wheels, especially expensive alloy ones, valuable parts and even siphon off fuel - so fit locking wheel nuts and lock your fuel filler cap.