Publishers revisit history of town 30 years since last booklet

The cover of the book. Picture: Poppyland Publishing

The cover of the book. Picture: Poppyland Publishing

Poppyland Publishing is to publish a new title on Great Yarmouth thirty years after its last booklet on the history of the town.

Poppyland’s Town and Village series is said to be popular with locals and tourists alike providing a broad-brush history of different towns and villages in East Anglia.

It first published its 32 page booklet entitled, Great Yarmouth: History, Herrings and Holidays in 1980. It was revised in 1988 but has been out of print for some time.

Gareth H H Davies is the Lowestoft historian who is behind the booklet called Great Yarmouth: A Sand in the Sea and who now runs the imprint series.

MORE; book about Yarmouth’s forgotten entertainmentHe said: “The original booklet was written by Charles Lewis, the former head of museums in Great Yarmouth, and was in need of a refresh.

“Having written a number of books on Great Yarmouth myself, I took on the task.

“The Town and Village series is extremely popular and not having an up-to-date edition on the history of this important Norfolk town was remiss.

MORE: Historian to speak on bridge disaster“What will make this edition unique is the use of augmented reality to bring some of the images to life on the page when a reader uses their smart phone or tablet.”

The long-running series aims to provide compact local histories for readers who want an overview of a town or village in East Anglia.

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They do not attempt to cover all aspects of a settlement’s history and draw on the experience and preferences of the chosen author.

Mr Davies has written a number of titles for Poppyland on the town including The Fall of Yarmouth Suspension Bridge: A Norfolk Disaster and Forgotten Yarmouth Entertainments: Reflections of a 19th Century Seaside Resort.

This year, Poppyland plan to launch further titles in the series, including Lowestoft and Southwold.

Great Yarmouth: A Sand in the Sea is released on March 30 and costs £2.95.

Poppyland titles are available at Cobholm Miniatures, Broad Row and other outlets in the town and at and Amazon.

Poppyland was coined by Clement Scott, a journalist and theatre critic in the 1880s, to describe the area around Overstrand and Cromer.

It was used to market North Norfolk in the late 19th and early 20th century.