'Emergency' roadworks in Broads village described as 'utter chaos'

Station Road Potter Heigham

Station Road in Potter Heigham has been closed for emergency repair work by UK Power Networks. - Credit: Google Maps

Roadworks at a village in the Broads have been described as "utter chaos" by a parish council chairman.

UK Power Networks, while carrying out "emergency" repair work, has closed Station Road in Potter Heigham and put in place a three-mile diversion route.

The job began on Tuesday (June 29) and is scheduled to last until July 6.

Paul Rice, the parish council chairman, said he understands the work is essential but that villagers were "not warned in advance".

"The road closure has affected two-thirds of the village's residents," he said.

He added that the diversion route is "a single-track route with no passing places".

A spokesperson for Norfolk County Council said it is in discussions with UK Power Networks to amend the route to "a shorter and better diversion".

The Broads has been named a finalist in the National Park of the Year awards. Potter Heigham. Pictur

Motorists in Potter Heigham are being diverted as UK Power Networks carries out emergency repair work on Station Road. - Credit: Archant

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Mr Rice also said: "It seems nonsensical to put a road closure where the road is wide enough to put in traffic lights" and that the plan to keep the road closed for one week was "ridiculous".

A spokesperson for UK Power Networks said: "We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by our essential roadworks in Station Road, Potter Heigham this week.

"The work is to replace underground electrical equipment, which is needed to maintain reliable local power supplies, and is due to be completed by next Tuesday (July 6) but we always aim to finish sooner if possible.

"Emergency vehicles can get through and access if needed," the spokesperson said.

The county council spokesperson said: "As is the nature of emergencies, we as an authority were not informed before the roadworks began. Permits and road closures are applied for retrospectively, after the works have commenced."

“To avoid any further inconvenience to residents, we will be visiting the site to check that there is nothing further we can do to both improve the situation and speed up the completion of the repair. 

"We would like to thank residents for their patience at this time," the spokesperson said.