Poundstretcher shocked by dangerous behaviour of roof climbers

Two girls on top of Poundstretcher

Two girls teenaged (faces blurred) on top of Poundstretcher on Monday, October 11 at approximately 3pm. - Credit: Submitted

A national retail chain has said it is shocked over incidents of youths climbing on the roof of their Great Yarmouth store.

On September 28, police received a report of two teenaged boys climbing on the roof of Poundstretcher on Regent Road.

On October 11, two girls were seen on the roof of the same building.

A spokesperson for Poundstretcher said: “Poundstretcher is shocked by the dangerous behaviour of the individuals who have climbed onto the roof of our store in Great Yarmouth. We would advise everyone that it is very dangerous to go onto any roof without the proper training, safety equipment and permission from the owner.

"We would appeal to the individuals involved not to go onto the roof for their safety and the safety of the general public.

"We have checked the security of the property and it would appear these individuals are breaking through our security and climbing onto the roof, we will assist the police in all of their enquires to stop this happening in the future.”