Pregnant woman's heartache after husband's sudden death

Gary 'Gee' Smith has died suddenly

Gary and Emma Smith with their daughter Dulcie looking festive. Mr Smith died suddenly on March 14 2021 and a Just Giving appeal has been set up to help his family, including his unborn son. - Credit: Emma Smith

A woman has shared her heartache after her husband died suddenly when she was six months' pregnant.

Emma Smith, 31 and husband Gary 'Gee' Smith were thrilled to discover they were going to have another child and had picked out a name for the much-wanted son they were looking forward to meeting in June.

However, just as she should be preparing for the new baby Mrs Smith is having to plan a funeral and face the prospect of their child growing up without ever meeting his doting dad.

Gary Smith has died suddenly

Gary 'Gee' Smith enjoyed two trips to Disney with his family. He died suddenly in March 2021. He and his wife Emma were looking forward to meeting their new baby in June. - Credit: Emma Smith

Mrs Smith said her husband had had a terrible headache in the days leading up to his death and had been taking morphine prescribed for a bad back.

He took to wearing dark glasses indoors, but declared himself much better on the Friday even managing to paint the new baby's room.

He then began complaining of severe stomach pain, something that bothered him from time to time but doctors had never got to the bottom of what was causing it.

On the Saturday she awoke to the sounds of clattering in the bathroom and found him fitting on the floor, a scene witnessed by his daughter and stepdaughter who came running through.

Gary 'Gee' Smith from Bradwell has died suddenly

Gary and Emma Smith had plenty to look forward to including a new baby due in June 2021. - Credit: Emma Smith

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The ambulance arrived at their home in Beccles Road, Bradwell, within minutes and Mr Smith was taken to hospital but had another seizure and died the next day on Mothers' Day (March 14)  aged 39.

The cause of death was given as a brain aneurysm.

Mrs Smith said her husband of nine years had been really excited about the new baby and also his 40th milestone birthday in May.

Having always wanted to go Vegas he knew he wouldn't get there this year but hoped to in the future.

She said that while everything had changed she was trying to keep things as normal as possible for their seven year old daughter Dulcie, and her sister Maisie, aged 11.

Gary 'Gee' Smith

Gary 'Gee' Smith with daughters Maisie and Dulcie on a family trip to Disney. They had been to the park in Paris twice and Mr Smith had hoped to visit the US attraction next year. - Credit: Emma Smith

"He was a proper family man, hard-working, and would do anything for anyone," she said.

She hailed the support of friends and family saying everyone had been so kind, dropping shopping off, and making food for them.

Mr Smith was a plasterer with his own business and the plan was to keep that going with his co-worker.

In the meantime there were practical and financial worries on top of the heartbreak.

Gary 'Gee' Smith who has died

Gary and Emma Smith were looking forward to meeting their new baby son in June. - Credit: Emma Smith

Friend Kelly Nicholls has set up a Just Giving page to help the family with basic bills and rent in the immediate aftermath of Gary's death.

Writing on the website she described his as "a top bloke" and a doting father to two daughters and an unborn son.

She said: "It was a day we never saw coming, especially as Gary and Emma were due to meet their new son in less than three months' time.

"An awful shock on a most terrible day that family and friends are struggling to come to terms with.

"An awful shock that sees three children without a doting father.

"An awful shock for a wife who has lost her soulmate."

To make a donation visit JustGiving and search Gary 'Gee' Smith'.

A target of £3,000 has been set.

A brain aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall, usually where it branches.

If it ruptures the bleeding can cause death and extensive brain damage.

Symptoms include a sudden agonising headache and blinding pain, a stiff neck, sickness and vomiting, and pain on looking at light.