Pupils across the county advised of perils of ‘sexting’

Photo credit:Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Photo credit:Philip Toscano/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A total of 47,000 safety booklets have been issued to high school children across the county giving vital information about exploitation, sexting and internet safety.

Members of the Safer Schools Partnership (SSP) worked to collate information relevant to children of a school age and have offered the booklet for them to “exploit”.

Inspector Bex Brown from the SSP said: “We have produced this booklet as another way to get the message to children about personal safety. Danger and the potential for harm is no longer just a physical threat. Online, children face an increasing risk of being a victim of crime, bullying or exploitation. This booklet aims to educate children, and their parents, about the hazards of entering an online environment and will give them the tools they need to stay safe.”

Anyone wanting to see the booklet entitled “Exploit this” visit the new website at www.norfolk.police.uk/.

If you are concerned that someone may be being sexually exploited you can also contact the Rose Project on 0808 8001037 or CEOP internet safety on www.ceop.police.uk/