Rapper Lewis Lacey reaching for the skies

Budding rapper Lewis Lacey, from Winterton, who has written a song for the soldiers' charity Help Fo

Budding rapper Lewis Lacey, from Winterton, who has written a song for the soldiers' charity Help For Heroes. - Credit: Archant

A young Great Yarmouth rapper is to see his music reach new heights as travellers across the world will hear his music on passenger planes.

Lewis Lacey’s video will be broadcast internationally after it was chosen to appear in Skyline Inflight Entertainment.

The excited East Norfolk Sixth Form College student, aged 17, found out just last week that his video had been picked by the company that supplies entertainment packages to British Airways and 40 other airline companies around the world.

“I was happy that after all the effort I’ve put in it’s started to get picked up,” said the rap artist.

“It would be weird to get on a plane and hear it played.”

The rapper and music producer from Winterton-on-Sea writes all his own lyrics and described his music as positive, conscious hiphop.

“I try to give a positive message to young people, who tend to be influenced by more negative music,” said the A-level student.

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And with more than 2,700 followers on Twitter, Lewis has gradually built up a loyal group of supporters.

“Up to the last year it was just the UK, but now I’ve got supporters in the US, Canada and New Zealand,” he said.

Throughout the last year he has been working closely with Dean Street studios in London, who have worked with well-known artists such as Drake.

Parents Samantha and Terry are supportive of his music. Mrs Lacey, 44, said: “I’m so proud of him, we’re really excited and he’s worked really hard for it. It’s nice to see it’s finally coming together.”

The keen rapper hasn’t told his friends about his recent success yet, adding: “I tend to keep things to myself but everyone is very supportive.

“There was one point last year when it seemed things were taking off, but then things seemed to stop,” he added.

“It’s nice for people to see I’m back and bringing out a single.”

The young rapper is planning concerts and radio interviews in the coming months and hopes to release more singles and an album in the near future.

Mr Lacey’s single “Take me down” is available for pre order on iTunes and will be released on June 2.

The links are available on his website at www.laceymusic.co.uk

To listen to more of Mr Lacey’s music, visit www.youtube.com/laceyVEVO or www.youtube.com/LaceyYeahUK