Reader's letter April 28 2017: Beat police would have handled crash differently

PUBLISHED: 16:49 28 April 2017 | UPDATED: 16:49 28 April 2017

Old style Bobbies on the beat would have handled crashes differently.

Old style Bobbies on the beat would have handled crashes differently.

As an old time bobby who was proud to be seen on the streets in uniform, may I add to the very apt comments of Mike Spragg in last week's Mercury detailing the inordinate delay in getting the Breydon Bridge reopened after a vehicular collision.

As an old fashioned Bobby in the City of Leeds in the 1960’s getting the road open was a real priority.

I remember one minor accident on a cold and frosty night which illustrates the point.

Three cars involved, two drivable, the third required a breakdown truck. No personal injuries. Time of collision about 10pm, bobby on the scene about 10.05pm, radio message to control room about 10.10pm asking for breakdown truck.

Breakdown truck did not arrive until about 10.30pm. When asked why the delay the driver said he was in the bath when the police telephoned and asked him to attend, he pulled his cap off and his still wet hair steamed in the cold night air.

All was completed, vehicles away, road swept all debris removed and bobby back in the nice warm police station doing the paperwork by 11pm. It was funny how the paperwork always took longer on cold wet nights.

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