Reader’s letter: Developers should be ashamed for removing trees

Work has started at the site.Picture: A Yates

Work has started at the site.Picture: A Yates - Credit: Archant

What a shame these beautiful trees have been chopped down and shredded on this building site in Southtown, Great Yarmouth.

This rush to cram as many homes on small pieces of land all over Yarmouth is environmentally wrong as in many cases the trees and shrubs - some of them growing for many, many years - are just discarded, turning the area into a buildings “ghetto”.

Trees should be protected, they provide roosts for garden birds as well as seeds and more vitally, oxygen for the planet.

Why can’t we be doing our bit when all over the world there are campaigns to save trees?

Developers should be ashamed of themselves for having the trees chopped down to get as many homes as possible on small parcels of land for gain and profit.