Reader’s letter, May 12 2017: Father was rewarded for his loyalty

Employees of Palmers gather for a group photo. Virginia Pitcher's father is pictured left of the pic

Employees of Palmers gather for a group photo. Virginia Pitcher's father is pictured left of the picture with the flat cap and her mother is second from the right on the second row. Photo: Adam Scorey - Credit: EDP pics © 2003 (01603) 772434

I was most interested to read the supplement all about Palmers in last week’s Mercury.

My father, Herbert Bowles, spent all his working life with Palmers under Mr Harry Palmer and Mr Graham Sturrock training and becoming a cabinet maker and french polisher.

He eventually became maintenance manager and was responsible for many of the alterations to the stores that took place over the years.

One night when Dad was 62 years he was very ill in the night and a very early morning call came that there was some severe flooding at the store.

Mum had to say he couldn’t go in because he’d been so ill and was going to the doctors first thing in the morning.

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Dad had a heart attack and was told to go straight home to bed but instead he went through to Palmers saying afterwards he knew exactly where the water was coming in and it would save a lot of time if he was there Dad was taken ill in the store that day and Mr Sturrock drove him home personally.

Mr Sturrock then got a member of staff who lived near me to call in explaining that he didn’t feel my father would tell my mother how ill he really was.

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The store had been his life’s work. Nearing his 63rd birthday Dad was finding work difficult and it was then that Dad’s loyalty to the store was rewarded as they offered him retirement on full pay until his 65th birthday.

Not many firms would be so compassionate and generous these days.


The Green,


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