Readers’ letters, August 11 2017

Hurry up with the third bridge

The third river crossing, deja vu, dare I say here we go again. Those who remember the second river crossing hope this will not be the long drawn out process as that was.

Each year of delay will cost £100m. This year’s cost is £120m if we start now. But with a start date suggested as 2020 plus construction time we must look eight years ahead when finances will be nothing as they are now. Let’s not get the scenario of the second river crossing. Can we not get a jostle on and start as soon as possible to the betterment of all concerned.

JACK DYE Gonville Road,


Hide tattooists from full view

As the man putting up the Venetian blinds was overheard to say: “If it wasn’t for these blinds, it would be curtains for all of us.” The problem these days is that it seems to be a case of not just one or the other - but neither.

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Passing a certain tattoo parlour in the town recently I was amazed to see an individual being tattooed almost in the window of the premises, in full view of all passers-by. Certainly not a sight for impressionable youngsters or indeed anyone of a sensitive disposition.

My point is that if we can regulate betting shops in this regard, surely we can do the same for tattoo parlours and, while we’re at it, vaping establishments as well. So curtains, or blinds, for some of us at least in an attempt to slow down what appears to be an inexorable decline in public standards.


Collingwood Road,

Great Yarmouth

Drugs smokers ruined the show

I took my children to watch the fireworks, waiting two hours in the rain and cold on Britannia Pier.

However, a couple of lads were smoking drugs and stood around where we all were. I went and asked the pier security people to have a word but all they did was just watch them. People left with their children as the smell was so bad. Why didn’t the security go over and say something? It was a let down for all the little kids that had stood around waiting for the fireworks.



Editor’s note: We called the pier and were told the lads were at the front of the pier and security approached them. They didn’t want to get too involved as it was on the street and not their property. They can’t stop people on the street and from their point of view the security guards did what they could. The pier spokesman understands where Leanne is coming from and he would do the same if it was his children, but as the incident wasn’t on their property there was nothing they could do.

Praise for all staff at James Paget

May I through your paper send a big thank you to everyone at the JPH. Two weeks ago I had the misfortune to have a stroke which involved having to be admitted to the hospital. I can only praise all the staff, from porters up to consultants, for their caring and compassionate attitude.

You could not meet a better body of people. Every little need is catered for and the staff on the stroke ward were always smiling and joyful to be with. Every effort to improve the situation was made.


Yarmouth Road,


A big thank you for collection

May I through your column on behalf of the committee of Gt. Yarmouth & Gorleston Macmillan Cancer Support say a big thank you to all those people who placed donations in our buckets when we had our street collection on Regent Road and Marine Parade on Sunday last.

The amount collected was £344.45 for which we are very grateful. This amount will be added to the money we are aiming to raise in our 50th anniversary year, which is £50,000 and will be earmarked to be spent locally.

If anyone would like to know more about what the committee has planned for the remainder of the year, wish to make a donation, or would like to help us in any way then please contact either myself, Carol Calver on 01493 730990 or Tracy Cox on 07912684438



Please praise your teachers

As another school year ends, I am writing to encourage people in Great Yarmouth to celebrate a teacher who encouraged, inspired or supported them during their school years.

It’s important we thank teachers who work one-to-one with pupils, inspiring the next generation and ensuring they receive all the support they need to succeed. Yet, we often don’t take time to thank our teachers, or realise the encouragement they provide and the lasting impact they can have.

That’s why I’m supporting the national Get Into Teaching campaign to give teachers the praise they deserve, and encourage people to consider teaching as a career. Everyone can get involved and say thanks to a teacher with a Tweet or Instagram post, copying in the hashtag #thankateacher.

Teaching can be a career full of rewards, and as the summer holidays begin, there is still time for graduates and potential career changers in Great Yarmouth to apply now to start teacher training this September.


Chair of the National College for Teaching and Leadership

A new crossing will not help

Is it me alone or can anyone else see the new bridge for Yarmouth solving the grid lock we suffer with all the time in the summer, or if there is a problem with a vehicle crash on one of the roads leading in to the town.

The pictures of the road layout for the new bridge takes the traffic onto the by-pass and grid lock.

Sort out the traffic coming into and out of the town from the Acle Straight, Caister Road and the bypass first before spending money on a bridge that will not in my opinion help move traffic around Great Yarmouth.



I appreciate blue badge status

A woeful tale from Mr Name Withheld in last week’s letters page. He has my sympathy as I know what he is going through first hand, and more some. He is depressed, his legs hurt, he has good days, and he has bad days.

But he admits he can walk (limping or walking normally). Well all that is applicable to me, but I am a limping wreck.

Polymyalgia rheumatic, (permanent pain). Peripheral neuropathy now from my hips to toes told no cure. My cancer meant the prostate removed plus surrounding tissue.

And with all the other hic-cups in my frame, yes I am depressed most severely. I believe I have cost the NHS an enormous amount of money, to pay a little back I put up with the aches and pains, I drive but not far the permanent

pain will not let me.

Perhaps Mr. Name withheld would like to help our struggling NHS / Benefits system by packing up some of these (some would call selfish) benefit claims as he can get around, surmounting pain oneself is a wonderful feeling and

others more needy could make use of the cash saved by not claiming even if you feel you have a legal right.

The abuse of the Blue Badge scheme by certified claimants has been well publicised over the past years not to mention the illegal cloning of badges for those not entitled to such Benefits.

The Motability scheme has also been widely abused, a recent prosecution centred upon a man who was obtaining, for crooks, top of the range cars on his Motability entitlement for immediate transfer to said crooks for cash in

hand payments.

Also regarding his DLA / PIP comments there are two sides to this. The DLA system was, and still is, grossly abused by so many and every week the press features cases of people who “cannot walk etc” and often getting maximum DLA yet are filmed playing golf, weight lifting, scuba diving, Marathon running etc etc.

If you do not believe me then Google the above abuse exposures.



A small store is on wish list

There must be many, especially elderly folk, in the Acle area who were regular shoppers at the Co-Op before the store was moved to Norwich Road. They now have to face a long walk to do their shopping.

They will share my sense of irony that the Co-Op is now offering part of their old shop as a village facility the costs of which will have to be borne by the parish.

One suggested use for this so called “community hub” is a small convenience store which I am sure would meet with most people’s approval. It is not unusual for there to be two Co-Op stores in communities the size of Acle.

Come on, Co-Op, do the decent thing and re-open a retail outlet in Acle Street - as your advert says - ‘a small thing for the Co-Op, but a big difference for your customers’


Mill Lane,


Right time to reverse Brexit

Is Brexit the only option? Everybody seems to think that Brexit is the way forward. Nobody sees the benefits of staying in Europe. The help for the farmers at harvest time and their subsidies. The uncertainty for the vast number of workers in the NHS would be lifted. The same for the vast number of vets that we rely on.

The revaluation of the pound. The shorter distances for trade. Also we would be in when decisions are made about Europe. We could also use the exit fee of 30 billion plus to benefit here.

At the beginning Mr Cameron, Mr Corbyn and all party leaders were in favour of staying in, but Boris Johnson and Mr Gove shouted louder and the masses believed them. I think it’s time to re-think before we make a big mistake.

This would also eliminate the problems of Scotland separating from the UK and the problem with the North/South border in Ireland.


Eastern Avenue,


Passengers are to blame for woes

Here we go again, always the bus driver and never the fact that people are not at the bus stop at the right time and then the bus is expected to wait for them. The drivers have a schedule to keep but are very often are late leaving because of latecomers.

As for the boy that got off the bus, why would you? I thought all the money being spent on electrical times and information were to tell people all they need to know. What a waste of money that turned out to be. If you get off the bus the driver will assume you are not travelling, he can’t see what is left on the floor.

The person complaining about the BO can always move elsewhere as I do. The other day the whole of the downstairs stank of deep heat rub so I went upstairs.

Yes I am a pensioner who prefers not to climb the stairs but didn’t want to go to Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft with the smell either.

I get so fed up with people’s attitude all the time, so why don’t they just stop moaning and open the windows instead.



Why are bus drivers so rude?

I regret that I must support the letter in last week’s Mercury concerning the rude attitude of bus drivers

I have had the same experience of being right next to the bus when the driver just ignores you and goes off. If they have such problems in being pleasant and helpful why do they take the job? The shame is that it is the few who spoil the public perception of bus drivers.

I now make a point of greeting them with a ‘Good Morning’ and if they do not reply I repeat myself and look them directly in the face, they usually respond. I wonder if they are so unpleasant at home?



Warm welcome for Minster rector

What a lovely occasion Wednesday night was at the Great Yarmouth Minster. The town gave a warm welcome to the Rev Simon Ward who now takes on the role of Team Rector. It was a wonderful ceremony which included a thought provoking sermon from the Church of England Bishop of Thetford the Rt Revd Dr Alan Winton.

Myself being a parishioner of Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, I thought it was a great example of people from different congregations all coming together to celebrate Simon’s ministry in the name of God and it is through God that we are all one and the same.


Isaacs Road,


Traffic is the worst I have seen

I have worked in the Gapton Hall Road area for more than five years and I have never known the traffic to be as bad as it is now.

The bright spark in the highways department must never use the roads around Gapton because of the clever idea of placing two box junctions one at the junction of Mac Donald’s and the other one nearer the Gapton roundabout at the junction for Docwra’s scrap yard. I now have to constantly queue to use the Gapton roundabout, whilst the traffic from the Gapton Hall shops just come straight out on to Gapton Hall Road.

I think the whole roads around Gapton need a rethink and soon.



Letter on badges was masterclass

I would like to say well done and well said to the writer of last week’s letter regarding blue badges. It was knowledgeable, informative and well researched.


Bit of TLC is needed in villages

Regarding valid comments on the state of our village’s roundabouts edges and shrubbery, they are a disgrace. Has anybody over the last few years noticed the roundabout in Ormesby near the Grange Hotel. It looks more like a small building site, what a tourist attraction!

And don’t get me going on about the state of the edges’ grass even when they are eventually cut what a mess. There is no pride in any of the work that is being done around our villages and I think we all know this. I am complaining that we need more attention and making the villages we all live in made to look as Great Yarmouth sea front, all perfectly cut grass flower beds and edges taken back.

Villages such as Hemsby, Caister, Winterton, Scratby, are all holiday destinations to name a few, so wouldn’t it be nice that our holidaymakers come back year after year and see it is not only the seafront that gets a makeover but around the areas mentioned.