Readers’ letters, Friday, October 6

Time to end the school protest

Although some will no doubt respect the “never say die” attitude of those campaigning to prevent the merger of Alderman Swindell Primary School with North Denes Primary (both in my division) I have to say that it really is time now they ended their protest in the interests of the children in North Yarmouth.

The county council is pledged to build a £7m new build on the North Denes campus which will of course be of immense positive benefit for our community and help ensure the new larger school of 420 pupils will have the most up-to-date premises for the future.

The community needs now to come together and end the divisive campaign which must really unsettle the children.

I have no doubt the Alderman Swindell School building once vacated will be the ideal location for a new Special School to benefit Yarmouth children -so they don’t have to travel long distances to have their needs met elsewhere - or worse still struggle in an unsuitable mainstream setting/home tuition.

What is important is we invest in the very best provision for local families. It is often glossed over but the Alderman Swindell School is a “requires Improvement” school which means that merging on the North Denes Primary (currently rated “good” by Ofsted) - with its extensive playing field land makes far more sense.


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Yarmouth North and Central

Would you help this pet charity?

The Cinnamon Trust is the national charity whose wonderful volunteers help people over retirement age and those in the latter stages of a terminal illness by offering all kinds of pet care.

We urgently need volunteers in Great Yarmouth. A large number of elderly or ill pet owners become very worried about their ability to care for their pets, feeling that their only option is to rehome them, this is where our national network of dedicated volunteers step in to offer support enabling them to stay together. -We’ll walk the dog for a housebound owner, we’ll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we’ll fetch the cat food, even clean out the bird cage or litter trays.

If you would like a chat about volunteering or to request a registration form please call during office hours 01736 758707 or email us at or check out our website for more details


Appeal administrator

Cinnamon Trust

Price is right for model village

After reading your story regarding the Merrivale Model Village, I just want to say what a great idea and I wish Mr and Mrs Newsome all the best for Christmas and a prosperous new year.

To coin a phrase at just £1 the price is right, so come on down to the model village.

COLIN STANLEY Alderson Road,

Great Yarmouth

Something for us to cheer about

Accolades this week must surely go to three individuals who you referred to in last week’s paper and who give us all something to cheer about when we consider the future of this town.

Firstly Paul Bossick, the owner of the iconic Star Hotel, for the faith he has had in the hotel and indeed in other premises on Hall Quay which he rightly sees as having a great deal of potential for development.

Then Eva Howkins for offering a glimmer of hope that her mother Valerie’s beloved Museum of Memories may not after all be forced to close completely should a degree of funding and sufficient volunteers be forthcoming.

And finally for Graham Plant and his team working on the Town Centre Masterplan who have come up with the splendid idea of Open Market Days every Friday during October, when all and sundry can try their hands at being market traders for as little as £13.

We need more examples of initiatives such as these.


Collingwood Road,

Great Yarmouth

Yes, man is the most dangerous

In reply to Mrs I Jamison in last week’s Mercury. Thank you so much for putting down in words the plight of the poor seagulls. How right you ar.

I totally agree but fear we are in the minority of humans. Man has created a problem for the seagull; every decent parent has to feed their babies, they are only doing the right thing with the resources they have, give them a break! I love all birds and animals.

As for the last paragraph, it’s so brilliant I’m repeating it in case it wasn’t read by others: The wording on a sign in a zoo: “Around the corner you will see the most dangerous animal on the planet” and there is a mirror. They have got that right!



UK in weak and fragile position

While it’s hard to see what exactly C Allen isn’t against, it’s worth noticing that he seems to have a hotline to all of the big decision makers in the UK. Therefore it is worth reminding him (and others) of where we stand, so he can pick up his telephone and advise Theresa directly.

The UK is in a weakened and fragile position, with an economy being outstripped for growth by Greece. It is now the worst performing member of the G7.

True, unemployment is down, but there is no money around to pay for those jobs, resulting in zero household savings and a credit bubble. This depression and flatlining of household incomes, plus rising inflation, means diminished or lower-growth will be the new norm for the next ten years, if the bubble doesn’t burst.

The referendum caused these circumstances to come together, so yes, a vote to leave was a vote to make this happen.

Further, we are not actively engaged in trade talks with the US or China, as this is illegal. These will follow and will take about five plus years, unless you just want to roll over and take whatever they give us. If you don’t want to do that, the talks will not be pretty. The USTR, USCC and WTO are far harder than the EC (remember, we invented the EC), and most Chinese trade experts stress an international emphasis on the EU27; Africa, and a post-Trump US as being more important than being nice to Britain.

I applaud his optimism, and we all want a better Yarmouth and Britain. But if we look at the last five years, when we have apparently had a great economy, this has not translated into any desire for a great Yarmouth. What will happen when things aren’t so good? We are sadly about to find out.


Vienna and Great Yarmouth

The church is losing large numbers

Whether it’s the local news or the nationals the cry is very much the same, “absence of congregations in our churches”. It is not so many years ago whether C of E, Baptist, Roman Catholic Sundays and Thursdays the queues for communion or just for normal services was so well attended that to arrive late would mean a seat at the back and a share of a Hymn book.

In a borough the size of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston there would be a waiting list to marry or for christenings. Church bells on a Sunday, Easter and Christmas would be a reminder of what these days were for, Church pews were thrown out to be replaced by fold up chairs creating an auditorium for any gathering but Christ. What went wrong?

In the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s a place of worship entering a church was a visual journey as to why we were a Christian nation.

Then changes were made to the King James Bible.

The vicars, priests and bishops concerned for their jobs wonder why there is a poor turn out on a Sunday, it does not take a big IQ to realise that for hundreds of years the King James Bible is what generations have been led to believe in, only to be told now what King James had produced was a load of codswallop.

I do not see other religions losing attendance, could it be because the Jewish and Muslim faith don’t change the written word to suit the needs of the priests? I personally am not bothered one way or other, in the many years spent in Christian employment I met too many so-called Christians that put

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themselves before the needy.


Burnt Lane,


We’re the oldest club in borough!

May I, through your letters page, sing the praises of Sports Club 88?

We were founded, as the name implies, some 39 years ago in 1988. Some of your readers were only mere youngsters then – if that! With a total age weighting of 6,500 plus years, you will understand our claim to be the “oldest” club in the borough.

We have always had one criterion for admission to the club – you have to have attained the ripe old age of 50 but you can be older - we had someone join this year who was 93!

It does help if you have a track record in racquet sports but it is by no means an essential prerequisite. Since 1988 we have played at various venues around the borough and have most recently been happily based at The Marina Centre.

We have been close to our magical target membership of 100 members for some time (as stated in our constitution). Now we feel we have achieved a membership number which is proportionate to the current facilities.

We have a twice weekly average attendance of 55pc of the membership, so the committee has made the decision that we must start a waiting list for potential new members.

This doesn’t mean that new applicants are not welcome but it does mean a little patience and waiting for a vacancy to occur. With 100 playing members, plus eight social members, former members who are no longer able to play but who enjoy the fellowship of the club, we hope everyone will understand our decision.

Just go to our website ( to get our membership secretary or treasurer’s email address or telephone number.

Alternatively, just come along to The Marina Centre on a Wednesday or Thursday between 9.30am and 11.30am to meet some of the committee and have a cup of coffee and discuss our waiting list.

I am sure you will find, as its members do, that this is Yarmouth’s best kept secret – a really friendly, welcoming club where you can carry on with your specialist racquet sport or learn new skill and become a competent (and fitter) player!


Chairman Sports Club 88


Paramedics gave exceptional care

After my 999 call on October 2, I would like to give my thanks to paramedics John and Millie for the exceptional care they gave me.


Newnham Green,


Disgraceful way to leave camp

On Friday, September 29 I was reading an article about Pontins at Hemsby. I think it is disgusting the way it has been left to deteriorate. I would like to see it back as a tourist attraction.

When you think the camp on Beach Road owned by Richardsons is going to invest £10m into the camp, it does not make sense that Pontins has been left to rack and ruin.


St Margaret’s Way,


Thanks for your drifter support

The volunteer crew of the Lydia Eve would like to thank all the communities and businesses in and around Great Yarmouth that have supported and continue to support this very important piece of heritage in her quest to keep sailing.

The volunteers also would very much like to thanks the public for their generosity of the donations that they gave at our collection at Sainsbury’s store in Great Yarmouth on Saturday, September 9.

We would also like to thank the Sainsbury’s store and staff for allowing us to have a Lydia Eva donation stand at their store and their assistance in setting it up.

This allowed us to meet and share tales with old fishermen and talk about the herring industry in the days of the Lydia Eva, with grandads, great grandads and others who had been associated with her over the years.

Would the gentleman who donated books on the engine and boiler please leave his name with someone on the Lydia Eva sometime.

It was another splendid year for the Maritime Festival and for the Lydia Eva. We also had associated family members from Harry Eastick, the original owner of the Lydia Eva on board. Any photos or information on the Lydia Eva or herring industry are always very welcome.

So once again a very big thank you to all the industries, businesses and to the public for all your continued support over the years in keeping our Lydia Eva and the herring fishing heritage alive in Great Yarmouth. The Lydia Eva is moored on the South Quay.

DAVID HUTTON Lydia Eve crew co-ordinator

Final thoughts on Brexit process

This will be my final Brexit circular as like Judith Daniels stated there are different views on both sides, although I can not believe after the way the EU has been behaving, ‘Remoaners’ still wish to be part of this expensive arrogant club.

I agree with her that there appears to be a stalemate in Brexit negotiations.

This is due to the fact that a majority of politicians from all the major parties do not want to leave as their lucrative gravy train will hit the buffers.

Theresa may keeps saying Brexit means Brexit, but with all the stalling it remains to be seen. She has been stalling over a year now. I was certainly not cheered by her speech in Florence which seemed weak and wobbly.

The vote to leave was made in 2016 with no mention of a transition period. All this talk of a transition just means the EU still has its nose in our affairs and taking our money.

I have stated that Boris Johnson, Nigel Farrage and Michael Gove were not guilty of crimes against the economy, but Gordon Brown for selling off our gold reserves and signing the Lisbon Treaty single handedly. In this letter Tony Blair might as well be added. Now we have Corbyn waiting nearby. Perhaps May has a cunning plan to keep us in, I very much hope I am wrong.

Despite the scare stories from Cameron, Osborne, Blair, Major and so called celebrities, we voted to leave.

The problem is that us, the public, have got to make sure the army of suited civil servant pen pushers and politicians from all parties carry out the wishes of the majority and get us out of the EU as soon as possible with no watered down options. MPs are still not listening.

Extricating ourselves from the EU could be like a walk in the park. It should be us making demands and threatening tariffs and if they are not met let’s walk way, end of. The fact is no one is acting in our interest.

Let’s get out now.

C ALLEN Thorpe St Andrew,


Thanks for great season of bowls

As the outdoor season has now ended, Gorleston Bowling Club would like to thank all our members old and new for a great season and remind everyonethe presentation night is to be held at the Pier Hotel on December 1.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank GYB and all the attendants at the Pavilion, for being helpful and friendly throughout the season, especially the two Brian’s for their continued promotion of green bowls at the Gorleston Cliffs Greens, also a special mention to the greenkeepers Barbara and Darren for all their hard work in keeping the greens and gardens in great condition on what has been a very busy season, thanks GYBS.



School closure must be fought

I am writing as chair of the Parent Teacher Association of Trafalgar College in Southtown. I am appealing with you to help us save a wonderful new school at Trafalgar College which serves the town and gives children a wonderful education by taking part in a consultation on its future.

Trafalgar College was opened to provide much needed additional school places in the town with a science, technology, engineering and mathematics focus.

This is vital to support the town’s main industries.

The Inspiration Trust are proposing to close their Great Yarmouth Charter Academy and relocate Trafalgar College and its substantial free school money to create a 1,500 pupil super school and sixth form college at Salisbury Road, a site too small for high rise accommodation.

We ask you to stand in solidarity with us, to show we won’t be pushed around, to reject the merger. Please help your neighbours in Cobholm and Southtown to keep their school so our children don’t face a five mile journey to school everyday and suffer from educational poverty.

Expansion might be viable in the future if the Inspiration Trust can make your school great again, but your children’s education needs to be the focus right now, not a bigger mixed school.

The Children at Trafalgar College will be forced into their school becoming a Christian faith school without choice if this merger is approved.

The Inspiration Trust told us if we didn’t like it to remove our children, but to where? There are no urban secondary school places to move our children to, so they will have this forced upon them.

We would like to see a solution which provides for both schools, but this has not been given as an option, so we ask your support in opposing the merger of Trafalgar College and GYCA.

As part of this merger ‘Trafalgar College’ will also lose its identity, and links with our great hero Lord Nelson will be under threat once more as the name Great Yarmouth Charter Academy will be enforced.

Trafalgar College in its short life has begun to transform the lives of over 150 of your children.

They love this school and would do anything to save it. Please support them in having a school nearby by sending in your objections to the plans to move the school.

Please show your voice and care for your community by joining our march on Saturday at 2pm St George’s Theatre.

Email and let them know your views you may wish to copy in your objections so we can hold them to account.

Louise Alderman

Chair of PTFA Trafalgar College