Readers Letters, May 26

This borough is a booming one

I have opposed the concept of the European Union since its inception in the 1950s. Indeed my first correspondence to the press as a grammar school pupil warned of the dangers that the Common Market posed to British democracy.

Therefore, until quite recently I was willing to credit UKIP with its contribution to the successful referendum result last June. However, since that historic vote UKIP has “lost its marbles” both nationally and locally. This was perfectly illustrated by their PPC for Great Yarmouth, Catherine Blaiklock, by her comments in last week’s Mercury.

To state that the borough is “dying on its feet” and is “in an enormous mess” is an insult to every hard working member of our community and the epitome of ignorance. This she has already illustrated by allegedly opposing the continuing dualling of the A47 and supporting our fishing industry!

The port is booming, conservation is expanding our cultural heritage and the energy sector has a prosperous future. Tourism employs 14pc of the working population and contributes over £500m to the local economy. Public and private investment of over £20m has transformed the visitor experience resulting in the borough being one of the major holiday destinations in the whole country.

All that Catherine Blaiklock can come up with is the age-old, dated, and hackneyed slogan “Make Yarmouth Great Again” adding a footnote of “who wants to go on holiday in this sort of mess”.

As someone who has lived, worked and educated their children in the borough over the last 40 years, had the honour to be mayor and council leader and worked with colleagues of other major parties I find these ignorant remarks offensive. More importantly though, I find them an offence to the whole community.

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GYBC Economic Development Committee

Corbyn will be getting my vote

In a few years from now after the dust has settled and we’re trading with the European Union with a Brexit so soft we will hardly feel we have left the EU at all we will all look about and wonder what all the kerfuffle about the referendum was all about.

Although people feel migration and sovereignty are important, the bottom line is that whatever party is leading this country. Trade is what matters, it is trade that drives this country forward. It is trade that makes us what we are.

Mrs May says she wants a bigger majority for a better deal. Unlikely as her extra MPs will probably be remainers and this will help her keep those irritating hard line Brexiteers in line and allow her to get to her kitchen to continue baking her Brexit pie.

A hard crust to placate the leavers and a very soft centre in the middle (the real Brexit) which she can then slip into her bag and hop over the North Sea to do her deals.

Can Corbyn help? Unfortunately after seeing his party’s manifesto it seems he is leading his party over a cliff edge already and his left wing ideology makes him a little bit unelectable as PM. But this does not matter because all we need for him is for him to be a strong opposition leader to keep prime minister May in check and not let her think she has got a free rein to ride roughshod over the electorate and as Mr Corbyn is a conviction politician he has empathy and sees people as people and not as statistics. In elections I usually vote Conservative, but this time it is you Mr Corbyn I will vote for. I wish you well.



We need a stable party

With the election campaigns almost in full swing I feel this will be the first election where upon I have made my choice for who to cast my vote to before the manifestos are even released.

Let’s look at the options; we have the Conservatives who even though they are pushing what has been termed the “Hard Brexit”, they do so with determinism and confidence. They have stood by their pledge to continue with giving 0.7pc of the Gross National Income (a policy that was brought in by David Cameron) in foreign aid. I know Brandon Lewis has recently been in the firing line over refusing to accept a public meeting over Universal Credit, but what would he be able to achieve other than what he has been doing which is passing our concerns on to the minister for work and pensions Damien Green.

The other option is Jeremy Corbyn. His utopian view of getting everybody to sit round the table and discuss all our problems is just not realistic. He says he is a pacifist but I think he is looking for a war of a different kind, a class war.

The Liberal Democrats still cannot accept the decision made by the public (I myself voted to remain) regarding the referendum. If they had their way they would call another referendum on leaving Europe, but instead they want to vote on what deal we should take.

The public should never have had to make a decision on Europe like that and should certainly not be making decisions on deal making and the such. UK laws are not put to the public to accept or reject for the simple reason that the legal system is complex and needs seasoned law professionals to make a decision, not Bill at the end of the bar in your local.

With this country under a cloud of uncertainty we need a strong and stable government and a strong and stable leader and that leaves me with only one option, Conservatives.


Isaacs Road,


Can you help ex-veterans?

I am a volunteer at an organisation called the Walnut Tree project that helps ex-veterans suffering from PTSD and other issues and they run a drop in centre in Norwich on a Thursday for veterans offering counselling and other help.

However, due to increasing numbers using the service we are running low on refreshments ie tea, coffee and biscuits. The service covers both Norfolk and Suffolk areas and I was wondering if any readers would kindly donate said items?

The organisation is a lifesaver to the men and women who have served Queen and Country.

The Walnut Tree project is based at the Britannia Veterans Centre, Britannia Barracks, HMP Norwich, Knox Close, Norwich NR1 4LQ, call 01603 611708, if you can help. Thank you.


Tinnitus group to be formed

I am currently planning a support group in early 2018 for people suffering with tinnitus in the Great Yarmouth borough.

Tinnitus is the perception of noises, ringing, buzzing, beeping, whistling, hissing in the ears. It can be severe, debilitating, is often permanent and there is no current cure. To find out more or contact or 0114 250 9933.

June is Tea for Tinnitus month please host a tea party to help raise funds for The British Tinnitus Association for new research and continued support for the one in 10 who suffer with tinnitus.

I am one in 10.


Westacre Gardens,

Ormesby St Margaret

Was Brexit the right vote for people?

Why am I getting the impression that certain people who made efforts to coerce us into Brexit are now realising the enormity of their actions? With none of them now wanting to pick up the ball and run with it!

Are they all dissatisfied with the outcome and think the result erroneous? Let us all give the subject a bit of thought to make sure we encourage the right person picks it up to run with on June 8.


Gonville Road,


Thank you for all the care shown

My husband had occasion to call an ambulance for me in the early hours of May 2. I would like to say how very grateful I am for the speed at which they arrived and their fast diagnosis and decision to get me to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital with all possible haste.

I can only remember the names Kate, Mike and Chris, but I wish to say a big thank you to everybody concerned.


Address withheld

Ramps could stop all disrespect

I read with horror a letter last week of a motorist and passenger sounding to be hijacked by a gang of youths on bikes in the centre of Bradwell on May 12. What’s this quiet village coming to?

Are the parents aware, if they’re not at home, what their offspring are up to? The residents of Bradwell certainly do not need to put up with this behaviour.

There seems to be an evening procession of youths on bikes heading to and from the Mill Lane playing field, most with shoulder bags cycling all over the roadways, no cycling proficiency here.

As with Gorleston High Street’s 20mph, which obviously needs speed cameras to ensure this restriction is met, Bradwell could do with a blanket speed the same to prevent incapable drivers who cannot control their vehicles in a residential environment to the accepted mph, be they courier vans, contractors, builders or cars of residents who should know better and not use the roads and cul de sacs as if they’re on the Acle Straight.

To ensure this lack of respect, speed ramps need to be installed on the longer cul de sacs asap with hopefully Laburnum Close the first to be considered.


Puppet man should move over in town

I recently read about the puppet man and I have noticed on my travels to Great Yarmouth that he is always near the bus station on Regent Road. I have seen him at this spot for a number of years. It’s about time he gave way to some young talented buskers as he has become a blot on the landscape.

I am sure there are people who feel the same.


St Margaret’s Way,


Treat nation’s young and old fairly

Theresa May says a vote for her is a vote for strong and stable leadership.

I disagree a vote for Mrs May is a vote for an attack on the elderly with the heating allowance about to be cut for millions not only the very wealthy, social care that is broken by her government’s cuts and now she is doing so many U turns on her latest manifesto on this subject that even she seems not to have a clue. Anyone with a cynical mind could think that Theresa May thinks elderly people are a burden on society.

Would this be the same OAPS who fought in the war? Worked all their lives and paid a full stamp? The generation who made Britain great. Shame on you Mrs May, do not take elderly people for mugs.

Schools are so short of money many parents are asked for money to help purchase school books, the NHS is being privatised by stealth.

When will our members of parliament take part in austerity? Their pay rises and huge expenses continue unabated.

You cannot trust Labour on defence? Really? Well who cut our proud brave army to less then 80,000 the whole British army could not fill Wembley football stadium for a home England match.

We now have to ask the French for assistance if Russian submarines are thought to be lurking in the north sea, Lord Nelson must spin in his grave as our proud royal Navy is reduced.

Now Mrs May wants to bring back fox hunting, tally-ho.

Well lots of these obnoxious policies will not affect me, however I dislike our elderly and young being treated in this way


Dogs could pose a beach danger

So finally the weather has turned and we can now enjoy the sun, sea and beach. You can’t beat going to Gorleston beach for a nice walk and maybe a naughty ice-cream. It’s lovely to see people smiling and relaxing and enjoying our stunning little part of the east coast. So lucky to live here. However, not all people respect others. Mostly dog owners who think it’s fine to have there dogs off the leash.

These owners seem to think that it’s ok to let there dogs roam as they please.

Their dogs may go up to other dogs who are nervous/frightened, but that’s fine. Their dogs may go up to young children who could innocently provoke them, but that’s fine.

Their dogs could go up to people who are genuinely frightened by them, as I am of large dogs after an attack when I was younger, but that’s fine.

Their dogs could just be overly excited around uncomfortable people, but that’s fine. There are many situations.

However certain owners just have their hands behind their backs and say “he/she is fine, don’t worry”. Sorry, but I do worry.

I don’t want an animal I don’t know bounding up to me or my daughter/wife not knowing their character. It’s a public area, many people and children go there to relax and have fun.

Before any negative comments are made, I’d like to say I am a owner of two small dogs, to which I always have on a leash and make sure they are close to me when passing people and other dogs.

PC crowd need to shut up

What an appalling cowardly attack on our young in Manchester in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Part to blame, (a big part) are the political correct crowd that tie the hands of those that are in place to protect ordinary folk of all religions by making all fearful of litigation.

To get Britain on a safer footing the PC crowd should concentrate on helping our services that try to make us safer instead of stopping deportations and assisting those that obviously dislike our way of life and want us to change.


Via email

Can PC crowd keep quiet on terror

What an appalling cowardly attack on our young in Manchester in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Part to blame, (a big part) are the political correct crowd that tie the hands of those that are in place to protect ordinary folk of all religions by making all fearful of litigation.

To get Britain on a safer footing the PC crowd should concentrate on helping our services that try to make us safer instead of stopping deportations and assisting those that obviously dislike our way of life and want us to change.

So would the PC crowd just Shut Up and let the Government do its job.


Burnt Lane,


Power of belief can overcome terror

According to the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP on Breakfast TV in the aftermath of the ‘massacre of the innocents’ in Manchester… ‘our liberal values will defeat this…’

I must take issue with this.

Proverbs 14:34 (NKJV) says: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

I believe our true Christian values are seen in our compassionate response to these tragic events, but it is our ‘liberal values’ which have brought us to the place where we are more spiritually exposed to these attacks.

The fanatical ISIS agenda is a spiritual ideology and can only be overcome by a stronger belief system. Christianity itself has been guilty of extremist actions in the past, but when lived out as Jesus demonstrated it is the power of a loving God to overcome evil.

People are free to choose but we must stop treating Christianity as a poor relation to Islam and the ‘liberal agenda’.

Christians have been and still are the pillars of our nation and for those who love the truth – whether scientists or philosophers it shows Jesus as..’ the way, the truth and the life…’

Our prayer are with the families of those who ‘fell’ in Manchester and with those who believe that their god is honoured by these evil deeds.


Via email

Retail estate bus stop is hardly used

I was very interested to read the comments by Mr Hewitt regarding my letter about the access to the Gapton shops.

But it still does not alter the fact that our bus driver told us hardly anyone uses the service we so badly wanted. I wonder why?

B FERGUSON Arundel Road,

Great Yarmouth

Store should not be moved in village

Regarding the location of Co-op in Acle to the Budgens site. I think it was wrong to make it sound as if it was only councillor Lana Hempsall criticising the move. There has been a lot of opposition to it because of the extra distance a lot of the elderly residents will now have to walk.

Acle Parish Council are also aware of the problem. Lana was only stating the problem. I also will point out that holidaymakers walk from Acle bridge to buy essentials.

I am a sorry but I feel the Co-op should have kept open a small store. They did it in Brundall and I am informed other villages also.

I thought they were the caring sharing Co-op, not much sign of that. Maybe they need some competition.


Please support heart appeal

Every year, heart and circulatory disease kills around 14,500 in the East of England and currently, 658,800 people in the region are living with its burden.

The need to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat these terrible conditions is more urgent than ever.

That’s why I’m calling on everyone to take part in the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Wear it Beat it campaign.

Join thousands of others across the UK on Friday, June 9 by wearing red and holding a fundraising event to help us stop heart disease in its tracks.

From a bake sale or coffee morning at work to a red-themed garden party with friends and family, whatever you choose to do, Wear it Beat it is a great way to bring everyone together and help make a difference to millions. You will be also be helping the BHF fund even more cutting-edge breakthroughs that will help end the devastation caused by heart disease.

Last year more than 15,000 people took part in Wear it Beat it, raising over £750,000. To sign up and receive a free fundraising pack full of ideas about how to get involved, visit

MARC SHAW, British Heart Foundation,

Area Fundraising Manager for the East of England