'Public' swimming pool could have to shut after mystery complaint

Cherry Lane in Browston

Jacks Pool is in Cherry Lane, Browston. If retrospective change of use is not granted it may have to close. - Credit: Google Maps

A swimming pool may be forced to close unless retrospective planning permission is granted to allow it to open to the public.

Jacks Pool in Cherry Lane, Browston, books out timed slots to small groups who enjoy exclusive use of the facility, as well as hosting clubs and vulnerable adults.

According to planning documents submitted to Great Yarmouth Borough Council, this has been the case going back some years - but without permission for a change of use from domestic to public.

A spokesman for the applicant Pat Plumley said the stressful saga had gone on for at least 18 months.

She said the planning error emerged after a mystery person complained to Great Yarmouth Borough Council about there being too much traffic.

"We thought that everything was as it should be," she added.

"As soon as we were made aware of the problem we put the wheels in motion to make it right.

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"We had planning for the pool, it was just the change of use.

"Our fate is in their hands.

"If they do not grant it Jacks Pool will be no more, and that would be a shame."

The spokesperson added the pool was used by groups of vulnerable adults, swim schools, and clubs, as well as the general public -  and had been for over 10 years.

In a statement, Great Yarmouth Borough Council said: “A private domestic swimming pool is a different planning use class to a pool which is hired out for public use.

"In this case, the applicant was initially invited to regularise the planning use of the pool as a public pool by applying for a certificate of lawful use.

"However, they were subsequently unable to provide sufficient evidence that the pool had been used consistently by the public for the required 10 years.

"As a result, they have been invited to follow the alternative route of submitting a retrospective planning application for express consent.

"This is currently under statutory consultation and will be determined on its individual merits in line with planning policy.”

The applicant's agent said it had been a frustrating process and that he hoped everyone would see sense.

The pool's Facebook page was set up in May 2016 and has over 3,200 followers.

It is currently closed under coronavirus restrictions.

To view the plans visit the borough council's website or click the link here.