Sticky road surface near beach catches out sunseekers

People have been complaining about the sticky road surface at Gorleston beach Picture: Google Maps

People have been complaining about the sticky road surface at Gorleston beach Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

Inspectors are set to visit a seaside carpark where the road surface has melted and been tagged “an absolute disgrace.”

The area along the lower prom at Gorleston is a busy crossing point for families coming off the beach and heading to the parade of shops.

But in soaring temperatures the surface, laid last year, becomes so sticky puddles of soft tar make it a struggle to negotiate with shoes reportedly stuck fast and bare feet covered in the hot, tacky substance.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said a team was due to visit today (Tuesday, July 30).

She said they were aware there had been issues and that they would assess the situation.

If action were needed they would look to put down some granite dust to reduce any tackiness, she added.

Meanwhile people took to social media to express their outrage.

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One person said: "People won't come back if it continues to stick to people's shoes and feet.

"I feel really sad for people and children coming off the beach in bare feet to get an ice cream and visit the shops and getting out of their parked cars and walking their dogs and pushchairs over it.

"It's dreadful. I hope people are claiming for new pairs of shoes from those responsible.

"It ruins everything about our beautiful family beach."

Another person said: "Disgusting leaving it like that. Was there last Friday sticking to people's and kids shoes.

"Such a bodge job. Totally spoiled that area."

Glenn Walker at Coast Pizza said he was aware of the problem.

"In the hot weather it is very sticky," he said.

And Christian Dimascio at Dimascio's Ice Creams said it was a concern among shopkeepers.

"It is a poor job and it is coming to pieces. It is not just a car park it is a walk way, you have children and families crossing over to this side."

Another shopkeeper said: "You can see people as they get out of the car and then look to the floor and make comments. They have made a few attempts to remedy it.

"It was the wrong choice of materials from the beginning, but the heat has been exceptional."