Roadworks starting in Belton and Beighton

ROAD surface dressing work is starting in the Belton and Beighton areas from tomorrow.

County council teams will be carrying out improvements in the two villages as part of a Norfolk wide scheme.

This year’s planned programme is already worth �8.5m, but will be increased with additional winter damage funding from the Government.

Work takes place every year while the weather is warmer, with the holiday areas and main roads treated first. Where possible, work is planned away from busy roads during peak periods. As it is fast-moving and may be suspended during bad weather, it is difficult giving motorists early warning of where the crews will be working. The aim is to complete busier routes by the end of June.

Surface dressing involves laying a thin layer of bitumen and chippings on to the road to improve skid resistance and to prevent water getting into the road structure.

Cabinet member for travel and transport Graham Plant said: “Our annual surface dressing programme is particularly important when we get cold winters such as the one that has just gone. Surface dressing keeps water out of a road’s structure, reducing the number of potholes caused by frost. It also improves skid resistance, and overall, surface dressing is an effective low-cost way of extending the life of our highways and helping to keep road users safe.”

People living along roads to be surface dressed will receive notice a day or two before the crews arrive.

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Residents will be asked not to park on the road on the day of the surfacing, or the following day when loose chippings will be swept up.

A 20mph speed limit is imposed during work and on freshly-laid surface dressing.