Runham could get five new homes and new bowling green

An area of farmland to the north of The Street in Runham.Planning application for five new homes, co

An area of farmland to the north of The Street in Runham.Planning application for five new homes, community space for bowling green, car park and new highway access.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

A plan for five new homes in Runham could see the added bonus of also providing space for a new bowling green.

Runham Parish Councillor, George Gay, 63, has submitted plans for five new homes, a bowling green and a car park located on land to the north of The Street.

Should the application go through, it would look for the Runham Bowls Club based in the village to move location to the new green.

In Mr Gay’s application to Great Yarmouth Borough Council, he said: “The proposal includes land for community use and in particular for a bowling green which will have an associated car park.

“The car park can also be used by other members of the community to overcome issues of parking on the public highway.

“The proposal represents a good development opportunity within the village that will provide additional housing in a sustainable location and delivers benefits to the community.

“We are not seeking to maximise the greatest number of dwellings on the site and have sought to

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design something which provides an attractive housing scheme.

“The project will deliver much needed and high quality new homes including both market houses and affordable housing.

“The existing bowling green would be relocated in addition to a new car park to provide better facilities for Runham Bowls Club.

“This will also benefit other villagers as it will help avoid on-street parking on The Street.”

Today, the site is currently used as agricultural land which has been owned by Mr Gay, who is a farmer, for the last 20 years.

There have already been consultation responses with people giving their thoughts to the proposed application.

A resident who lives on The Street, said: “The access road to this new development is very close to a corner in the main street.

“Whilst the street has a 30mph limit this is not always adhered to and traffic often speeds around this corner.

“My own entry onto The Street can be difficult and if there is to be extra traffic onto the road in this area, traffic slowing devices such as speed bumps should be a consideration in order

to decrease the risk of accidents.

“There are no pavements in this area and with additional housing should this not be a consideration.”

The proposal includes two units of affordable housing.

An ecological assessment of the site has been carried out and confirms that there would be no impact on any protected species from the development.

Anyone who wishes to write to the council regarding the application should contact the Great Yarmouth Borough Council Planning Development Department by October 23, quoting

the application reference number 06/15/0524/F.