Scenes show historical importance of our jetty

CONGRATULATIONS Mr Michael Boon, on your letter of November 25, about our historic jetty. It said it all.

This council does not listen to the advice of professionals or of the many members of the electorate who wish for the jetty to be rebuilt with the �88,000 of taxpayers’ money and not squander it on demolition of something that could be a real asset to Yarmouth.

I am sure your readers will enjoy seeing in these photos just how popular the jetty was to visitors and families with children, and could be again, so that we would be on a par with Cromer and Southwold, which have such wonderful free piers to enjoy. Nelson’s famous ship, The Victory, has had a large amount of it replaced but they are not going to dismantle it, and in fact they are going to start soon on a very large replacement of parts.

When I read about the councillor wanting to replace it with a Benidorm-style water ski attraction, I had to check it was not April 1! The rebuilt jetty would give pleasure to thousands of holidaymakers and the people of Gorleston and Great Yarmouth as can be seen in the photos from various years.


Larch Drive,