School uniform swap shop opens to cut costs for Yarmouth families

Dee Greenwood.

Dee Greenwood, deputy centre manager for Market Gates, said the shop's aim is to both help families who might be in need and reducing household waste. - Credit: James Weeds

A Great Yarmouth shopping centre has opened a swap shop to help parents cut costs on school uniform.

Market Gates shopping centre is running a recycling event where parents can donate and pick up school clothing for free.

Branded school jumpers.

Branded school clothes, such as jumpers and blazers, are said to be in higher demand than shirts and trousers. - Credit: James Weeds

Dee Greenwood, deputy centre manager, said: "Sustainability is key and recycling school uniform both helps families who might be struggling and it saves good clothing going in the bin."

The manager said the pop-up shop had received many donations and lots of positive feedback.

Dee Greenwood and clothes

Dee Greenwood, deputy centre manager at Market Gates, said the pop-up shop had received many donations since opening on Wednesday. - Credit: James Weeds

The most popular item of clothing families took home were branded school jumpers and blazers.

Mrs Greenwood said: "Clothing with the school's emblem is becoming the norm at most places in the area, and many are more costly than equivalents found in stores."

Trousers and shirts

Market Gates shopping centre has many items of school uniform available for free. - Credit: James Weeds

The swap shop will be open on Friday, July 29, and Mrs Greenwood said the swap shop will be open again before the end of the summer holidays.

Any clothing left by the start of term will be donated to the shopping centre's existing charity shops - YMCA, Mencap and Sense.

To keep up to date with the swap shop opening times, search for Market Gates Shopping Centre on Facebook.