Schools in Great Yarmouth are closing early due to snow and flood risk

King Street, Great Yarmouth is covered in snow. Picture: George Ryan

King Street, Great Yarmouth is covered in snow. Picture: George Ryan - Credit: Archant

Schools in Great Yarmouth are being closed early because of snow and risk of flooding.

So far six schools are being closed early.

Here is a list of the schools that are closing:

• Caister Academy (NR30 5LS) - Due to Caister Academy being an Emergency Flood Evacuation Centre for the Great Yarmouth area the school is now closed to all pupils

• Cliff Park Ormiston Academy (NR31 6TA) - The Academy has been activated as a rest centre due to expected flooding in the area. As a result we will be closed all day today. Please check our website for further details.

• Edward Worlledge Primary School (NR31 0ER) - Closing from 1.30pm due to the area being evacuated due to flooding.

• Flegg High School (NR29 4QD) - We are closing from 1pm due to adverse weather and travel conditions within our catchment areas as well as the need to ensure students and staff are able to return home safely given flooding evacuations and the potential for road closures in the local area.

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• Great Yarmouth College (NR31 0ED) - The College will be closed from 1.30pm due to worsening weather conditions and flood warnings. The college is expected to be open as usual on Monday 16th.

• Great Yarmouth VA High School (NR30 4LS) - We are closing from 12.20pm as the area is being evacuated due to flooding and because of transport difficulties caused by the snow.

• Northgate Primary School (NR30 1BP) - We plan to close from 1pm today owing to flood warnings. Gates will be opened from 12.30. Please let the school know if unable to collect your child. No ASC today.

• North Denes Primary School (NR30 4HF) - School closed from 1.15 due to flood evacuations and bad weather.