How scouts are still meeting up and finding adventure online

1st Caister scouts has been able to issue three Gold awards and welcome a new member during lockdown

1st Caister scouts has been able to issue three Gold awards and welcome a new member during lockdown Picture: Lisa Garrod - Credit: Archant

Proudly wearing their woggles, scouts are still meeting online and completing a range of indoor adventures as the movement adapts to the Covid-19 era.

1st Caister scouts are holding weekly meetings via the video link platform Zoom and still plan on taking on a virtual camp and winning “sleeping out” badges for reshaped feats including a night in a home-made den or under the stars in your own garden.

Group leader Lisa Garrod said she was thrilled her members were still notching up a host of achievements - three 13-year-old girls completing all nine challenges to receive their gold badges during lockdown.

Overall Mrs Garrod said she had issued over 100 badges since the UK was told to stay at home as indoor initiatives and creative challenges replaced the more traditional hiking and map reading outside.

She said some 25 youngsters aged ten to 14 were meeting over Zoom each week.

Instead of gathering at their dedicated hut in Caister they all crammed into the same rectangle screen to enjoy cooking, circus skills, quizzes, exercise classes, and bingo among other activities.

She said: “It is nice that we are keeping them engaged and the feedback from parents has been great.

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“They all say they look forward to it every week.”

Amy Godbolt, Poppy Loveland and Lucy Doyle all received their gold awards, and Masin Sparrow was invested as a new member.

The drive was still all about being engaged and learning new skills that would help them as they grew up and also entertain during lockdown.

To help TV evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod was doing his bit to help the family effort which also features Katie Garrod, 20, whose technical know-how had been crucial in the switch to online and making it fun.

He will be helping to fire their interest in all things bones, and there will also be drumming and circus-skills classes.

Mrs Garrod said the tasks and meetings were especially appreciated during half term.

With some creative thinking it was still possible to win badges and learn new skills.

And the social aspect was good for the children as well as the leaders checking on each other’s welfare embracing the spirit of the movement which was all about developing skills and supporting each other.

One young member had pledged to sleep in her garden for 100 nights in aid of Norfolk charity Nelson’s Journey after suffering a family bereavement.