Rescued seal's 'remarkable' long-distance journey to Norfolk

Seal swam 450 miles to get to Norfolk

A seal has stunned rescuers in Germany by making the long-distance journey to Norfolk to join the colony at Horsey. - Credit: Friends of Horsey Seals/Google Maps

Boje the seal has travelled a "remarkable" 450 miles from Germany to join the Norfolk population of the mammals at Horsey. 

He was spotted on the beach by warden Hannah Yeldham among a group of moulting seals with a yellow tag on his tail flipper.  

Seal swam from Germany to Norfolk

A seal's tag has revealed it travelled from Germany to Norfolk in six weeks. - Credit: Friends of Horsey Seals

She searched online and discovered the tag had come from the Seehundstation Seal Centre in Friedrichskoog in Germany.  

After contacting the organisation, they responded saying they were delighted to hear the seal they had saved as a pup was doing so well.

Seal swam 450 miles from Germany to Norfolk

A rescued seal made a 450 mile journey across the North Sea to join the colony at Horsey, Norfolk. - Credit: Google Maps/Friends of Horsey Seals

The Atlantic grey seal, called Boje (buoy in German) was found severely undernourished on the island of Pellworm off the north German coast in February.

Although he was weaned and estimated to be between five to seven weeks old, he only weighed 14.1 kilos, when he should have weighed nearer 45.

Seal swims from Germany to Norfolk

Boje the seal who has stunned wardens by travelling to Norfolk from Germany. - Credit: Friends of Horsey Seals

Seal centre staff at Fredrichskoog fed him up and released him on March 3.

Seal swam 450 miles from Germany to Norfolk

Warden Hannah Yeldham decided to find out more about a tagged seal she spotted at Horsey, uncovering the story of his remarkable long-distance journey. - Credit: Friends of Horsey Seals

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A spokesman for the Friends of Horsey Seals said: "So remarkably this seal had swum from northern Germany to Horsey beach in Norfolk, a distance of more than 450 miles in just over six weeks."