Senior detective in burglary warning

A SENIOR detective is calling on householders to look out for neighbours and report suspicious activity to police following a rise in burglaries.

In the last two weeks 29 house burglaries have been reported to police prompting a warning from Det Insp Sarah Pettengell from Great Yarmouth CID.

Thieves have been targeting homes, particularly in the north of the town, in many cases stealing jewellery, cash and electrical items such as TVs and laptops.

In several cases thieves have gained access through insecure doors and windows, but crooks have also smashed glass panels in doors and windows to break in.

Officers discovered in several cases that neighbours heard noises but did not to report it to police.

Det Insp Pettengell said: “House to house enquiries have led us to discover that neighbours of those properties targeted have heard loud bangs which could be associated with break-ins but they have decided not to call police.

“I would urge anyone who hears or sees anything suspicious to dial 999. Calls of this nature are crucial and mean we can immediately dispatch officers to that area and therefore have a greater chance of detaining a suspect.

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“I would also like to remind householders to pay extra attention to home security by making sure doors and windows are locked wherever possible. These simple steps can help residents avoid becoming a victim of crime.”

Meanwhile, officers continue with their appeals for information about thefts at the weekend.

Keys and bank books were stolen from a flat on Well Street after a suspect gained access through an insecure window on Saturday, between 4.15 and 4.25am.

During the search of the property the thief turned the bedroom light on disturbing the elderly residents. The man shouted at the intruder who fled the scene.

The offence is being linked to another burglary which happened overnight on Friday, at St Mary’s Court, off Albion Road, where a Toshiba laptop was stolen. Two men were seem in the area at about 2.45am and are described as white, and both wearing baseball caps.

On Monday, September 27, thieves entered a property on Stanley Road through an insecure rear door stealing a Playstation 3, Acer laptop, a camera and jewellery. The break-in happened between 5 and 9.35pm.

Police would like to hear from anyone with information. Contact Great Yarmouth CID on 0845 456 4567 or email