Simba poisoned with antifreeze

A DEVASTATED family is appealing for people to think about pets when using toxins after their treasured cat died from antifreeze poisoning.

Karen Gibbs, 41, of Heron Close, Bradwell, said her children Adam, 13, and Jessica, 11, were particularly distraught after five-year-old Simba, pictured, died after drinking anti-freeze.

Mrs Gibbs and husband Andrew, 41, had returned from watching the movie The King’s Speech at a Norwich cinema on Friday to find Simba crouching in pain in their back garden.

The cat, named after the Lion King character, was sick each time Mr Gibbs picked him up and was foaming at the mouth. The couple took him to Haven Vets in Great Yarmouth, who told them he would have to be put down.

“My husband and me were in pieces. We were really upset when the vets told us Simba would have to be put down.

“My children were at my sister’s when we found Simba, but we had to tell them the next day and they were really upset,” Mrs Gibbs said.

When the couple left home for Norwich at 3pm they said Simba had been in good spirits and was trying to get into the house through the front door as they were leaving, but he stayed outside.

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Simba and the family’s other pet cat, tortoiseshell Roxy, were rescue animals from Faith Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

Mrs Gibbs, who works at a Stalham medical practice, did not think Simba had been deliberately poisoned, adding cats were attracted to antifreeze because of its sweet taste.

l Owners can prepare for an emergency by logging on to the RSPCA’s poisoning advice pages at