Final results: Tories hold Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Great Yarmouth Borough Election count at Yarmouth Town Hall.Malcolm Bird,Conservative, wins Caister

Great Yarmouth Borough Election count at Yarmouth Town Hall.Malcolm Bird,Conservative, wins Caister South.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The results of all 13 wards have been announced at Great Yarmouth Borough Council elections.

Fourteen of the 39 seats are being contested.

Former UKIP mayor Malcolm Bird won the Caister South seat for the Conservatives with 645 votes convincingly beating former UKIP colleague Tom Andrews - who had held the seat.

Results so far:

BRADWELL NORTH: Graham Plant (C) 1,076 votes. Jo Thurtle (L) 656 votes. Total votes: 1732. Turnout: 33.7pc. Majority: 420.

BRADWELL SOUTH AND HOPTON: Carl Annison (C) 1,238 votes. James Borg (L) 559 votes. Total votes:1,797. Turnout: 32.2pc. Majority: 679

CAISTER NORTH: Graham Carpenter (C) 716 votes. John Cutting (UKIP) 169 votes. Sandra Griffiths (L) 316 votes. Total votes 1,201. Turnout 32.9pc. Majority:400.

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CAISTER SOUTH: Tom Andrews (UKIP) 146 votes. Malcolm Bird (C) 645 votes. Andrew Booth (L) 401 votes. Lynne Connell (T) 61 votes. Total votes: 1,253. Turnout: 34pc. Majority: 244.

CENTRAL AND NORTHGATE: Lewis Allen (C) 363 votes. Paul Buttifant (T) 61 votes. Richard Jeffs (C) 392 votes. Jade Martin (L) 599 votes. Derek Poole (UKIP) 246 votes. Michael Smith-Clare (L) 651 votes. Phillip Trindall(UKIP) 175 votes. Total votes: 2,487. Turnout 25.6pc.

CLAYDON: Michael Monk (T) 171 votes. Rachael Moore (C) 488 votes. Cara Walker (L) 677 votes. Total votes:1,336. Turnout: 24.6pc. Majority: 189.

EAST FLEGG: Edd Bush (L) 359 votes . Noel Galer (C) 864 votes. Total votes 1,223. Turnout: 31.1pc. Majority: 505.

GORLESTON: Kay Grey (C) 894 votes. Katy Guyton (L) 405 votes. Victoria Webb (T) 78 votes. Total votes: 1,377. Turnout: 33.9pc. Majority 489

LOTHINGLAND: David Drewitt (C) 706 votes. Adrian Myers (T) 266 votes. Christina Stewart (L) 240 votes. Total votes 1,222. Turnout 28.1pc. Majority 440.

MAGDALEN: Angela Buttifant (T) 153 votes. George Rogers (C) 433 votes. Trevor Wainwright 749 votes. Total votes: 1,335. Turnout:26.3pc. Majority 316.

NELSON: Aurelio Goncalves Spinola (C) 392 votes. Matthew Swann (T) 121 votes. Tony Wright (L) 705 votes. Total votes 1,218. Turnout 23.4pc. Majority: 313.

SOUTHTOWN AND COBHOLM: Cathy Cordiner-Achenbach (L) 414. Margaret Farrow (C) 173 votes. Graham Knight (UKIP) 102 votes. Hayden Turner (T) 45 votes. Total votes: 734. Turnout 20.7pc. Majority: 241.

YARMOUTH NORTH: Philip Grimmer (UKIP) 153 votes. John Simmons (L) 457 votes. Kathy Stenhouse (C) 534 votes. Total votes: 1,144. Turnout: 33.2. Majority: 77..