‘The prawns smelt terrible’ - Norfolk restaurant given zero rating

Sizzlers Restaurant in Hopton has been given a zero-star hygiene rating. Picture: Google Maps.

Sizzlers Restaurant in Hopton has been given a zero-star hygiene rating. Picture: Google Maps. - Credit: Archant

A restaurant had out-of-date food and a kitchen needing a deep clean, a hygiene inspector has said.

Sizzlers Bar and Diner in Hopton has been given a zero-star food hygiene rating - the lowest grade possible - following an inspection last month.

The inspector, an environmental health officer at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, raised concerns over the kitchen's cleanliness and out-of-date food being kept in the fridge,

A sirloin steak, salmon fillet and a tub of prawns were past their expiry date, while a box of iceberg lettuce and cucumbers were "rotten beyond use".

In the report, the inspector said food used beyond its use-by date can be infected with food poisoning bacteria and cause illness if eaten.

"The prawns smelt terrible," the inspector said.

The restaurant was also criticised for cross-contamination of raw meat above and next to ready-to-eat food, as well as open cans being stored in the fridge.

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Another criticism was the cleanliness of the kitchen.

The inspector noted the wash hand basin, soap and paper towel dispenser were dirty.

"The whole of the kitchen requires a deep clean and a de-clutter.

"There is a lot of dirt and grease that has built up throughout the premises.

"Remove the paint, chemicals, tools, gardening equipment, unused equipment, boxes and any other non-food items from the kitchen.

"There is very little space to move due to the amount of rubbish and unused equipment in the way," the inspector said.

The report further stated none of the prepared food was labelled with a use-by date.

In addition, at the time of the inspection, the dish washer was thick with pink mold inside the rotary arm, door edging and filter.

"This amount of pink mold indicated the dishwasher had not been cleaned properly in weeks," the inspector said.

"You are washing food equipment and crockery up in dirty smelly water and not effectively cleaning anything."

The inspector said there was no evidence of food hygiene training.

The report concluded these were "significant breaches of food hygiene legislation and could result in a real risk to health die to preparation and storage of the food."

Sizzlers Bar and Diner has been contacted for comment.