Snow falls over Great Yarmouth

THE first few flakes of snow of the festive season have fallen over Great Yarmouth.

The seasonal weather descended on the town for the first time this year at just after 12.10pm, the third year in a row it has snowed on this date.

Jim Bacon, forecaster and managing director at WeatherQuest, said the brief flurry was part of a “three day wonder” which will see clear skies and icy conditions overnight..

He said: “It’s pretty general across East Anglia, with areas of rain, sleet and snow in places, though along the coast it will mostly be rain or sleet but nevertheless the snow just shows how cold the air is.”

A cold afternoon is expected, with conditions carrying on tonight- traditionally labelled “black Friday” by ambulance services because of a combination of cold weather and pre-Christmas over-indulgence.

“People may well head into pubs with the floor outside wet, and come out with it icy,” Mr Bacon warned.

Following a cold weekend, the weather is expected to warm over next week.