SNP wins election in Gorleston-on-Sea

Peterhouse Primary Academy in Gorleston holding a mini election based on real party education polici

Peterhouse Primary Academy in Gorleston holding a mini election based on real party education policies - Credit: Archant

Primary school pupils cast secret votes when they held a mini-election based on real party policies.

Year 5 youngsters at Peterhouse Primary Academy in Gorleston took part in a mock General Election on Wednesday, with pupils standing as party members and candidates campaigning for votes.

As well as putting posters on the walls of the school corridors, six party leaders took to the podium during assembly and gave speeches based on real education policies.

Standing for the Conservatives was nine-year-old Danny Docwra; for Labour 10-year-old Charlie Jordan; for the Liberal Democrats 10-year-old Riley Coe; for UKIP 10-year-old Travis Trussler; for the Greens 10-year-old Connor Dutton; and for the Scottish National Party (SNP) 10-year-old Emily Stonehouse.

The children were tasked with researching each party’s education policies and presenting them to the school before a secret ballot was held.

After the results were in, it was the SNP who claimed victory.

Party leader Emily campaigned with Keegan King as deputy. Emily said she was “overjoyed” at winning the election and when asked what she thought contributed to the victory, she said: “The policies, which included free nursery places for three and four-year-olds.”

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Keegan added: “They had a lot of support in the other years within the school, including Emily’s brother and sister who were behind her all the way.”

Shannon Mobbs, deputy for the Greens, said: “It was really fun listening to the other parties and the questions that were asked. Taking part was a great experience and although I’m disappointed the Green Party didn’t win, I am happy for Emily and Keegan.”

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