Soldier receives war medals- 65 years on

AN old soldier was proudly wearing his medals for the first time this week 65 years after the end of the second world war.

With the nation set to honour the dead of two world wars on Remembrance Sunday the commemoration will be extra special for Pasquale Rosati.

Now largely confined to a wheelchair at his Great Yarmouth home, the 93-year-old veteran was still hoping to attend the service in Yarmouth.

Originally serving in 4th Royal Norfolk Regiment before becoming a chef on Field Marshal Montgomery’s staff, Mr Rosati left the army without applying for his medals.

However, his military service has finally been recognised thanks to the help of community supported housing officer, Debbie Lawrence.

Debbie, who works for the borough community outreach service, first met Mr Rosati in August.

Learning that he had not received his medals she contacted the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association who arranged for them to issued.

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Mr Rosati said: “I’m very proud to have received these medals, which honour my service for the country. You have to apply for medals when leaving the army, but at the time I did not bother – I was just glad to get away.

“I joined the Norfolk Regiment before they were sent to Singapore, but luckily did not go as I would have been captured by the Japanese.

“I can’t grumble about the army food as I used to cook it, but we ate a lot of potatoes. I lost a cousin on D-Day and it is still important to remember all the people who gave their lives.”

An Army private, Mr Rosati was issued with the 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45.

Now a great-grandfather, he ran a seafront tea stall and snack bar with his brothers before retiring.

Son Stephen said: “Dad and I have had few good chats about the war over the years, but there were some things he did not want to talk about.”