Sparkling new kitchens for Great Yarmouth College

TRAINEE chefs are now working in new �500,000 facilities following the completion of new kitchens at Great Yarmouth College.

The kitchens replace the ‘D’ block kitchens in the century-old former Edward Worlledge School building where hundreds of chefs learned their skills as students in the last 40 years.

Facilities include a special adapted area with talking microwaves and scales and adjustable height worktops for people with physical difficulties, energy-saving induction hobs and computer screens by each workstation to run demonstrations and films of students’ work.

Kevin Bayes, head of school for service industries, said: “These kitchens give us the opportunity to give our young chefs the training environment they deserve.

“It has always been my belief that, given Great Yarmouth is major hospitality area, whoever chooses to come to this college should be able to gain the skills to make them employable in the local area and having the opportunity to work in these facilities will further enhance their opportunities in the future.”

“There is plenty of space for 16 students in each kitchen and tutors are able to see the full length of the two kitchens which will make teaching easier.”

The kitchens were funded by the Learning and Skills Council through a special grant for the adapted kitchen and a �30,000 grant from the Savoy Educational Trust to equip the patisserie and bakery kitchen.

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The Savoy Educational Trust will visit the college in March to film students working in the kitchens to promote its funding work.

Former Great Yarmouth College catering student Richard Hughes, one of Norfolk’s leading restaurateurs and chefs will formally open the kitchens on March 9.