Sporty shoppers keep Olympic spirit up in Great Yarmouth

THE spirit of the Olympics is alive and well in Great Yarmouth as fitness mad shoppers have been snapping up sports equipment like never before.

Residents have been flocking to buy skipping ropes, pedometres, stop watches, trainer socks, water bottles and sweat bands from the town’s 99p Store, figures show.

And females fitness fans have also been snapping up packs of three lipsticks, as you never know who you might bump into while out for a run, the store said.

Hussein Lalani, 99p Stores boss, said: “The Olympic spirit has certainly rubbed off and is continuing to do so on Great Yarmouth.

“Sales have been buoyant all year particularly from June and are strong too as we approach 2013 and everyone turns their thoughts to keeping fit.”

The budget chain has 216 stores across the UK and Ireland and its branch in Regent Road, Great Yarmouth has proved to be one of its most popular outlets.