Stop and quiz for drivers over future of transport in Great Yarmouth

The traffic quiz in Norwich

The traffic quiz in Norwich - Credit: ©ARCHANT } NORFOLK 2002.

Traffic surveys could cause two weeks of delays, as motorists are questioned over the future of transport in Great Yarmouth.

Drivers will be pulled over throughout the town centre, as Norfolk County Council look at ways in which they can make local improvements.

It will cause two weeks of frustration for those on our roads, but borough council leader Graham Plant, hopes it will lead to road and traffic improvements.

The surveys start on November 14 and will last for two weeks. The information gathered will then be used to inform future transport planning and investment in the town, including the third river crossing.

Cllr Plant, said: “There was a similar initiative in Norwich a few years ago and that led to money towards the A47.

“Obviously there will be two weeks of frustration for motorists but hopefully it can lead to something positive.

“The third river crossing will be a big point, but I am sure there will be other points to be looked at such as the Gapton Hall roundabout, and a right turn from the train station.”

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Motorists are to be pulled over at safe locations and asked a short series of questions which should take about five minutes, and will include information about the journey they are making.

The aim of the surveys is for county council representatives to better understand the travel patterns of residents, visitors and commuters to Great Yarmouth.

Back in August, Norfolk County Council representatives were invited to a meeting with the East Norfolk Transport Users Association.

Steve Hewitt, who chairs the group has many ideas he would like to see enforced.

He said: “Leaving Great Yarmouth train station there needs to be something done as motorists have to head out towards the busy Acle New Road roundabout just to go all the way around and head back towards Fullers Hill. If there was a right turn this would help ease traffic.

“Also the taxi rank outside of the Troll Cart needs to be addressed as that gets overfilled and then you have buses parked in the middle of the road letting passengers out and a lengthy queue of buses going back to Iceland and beyond.

“There are other things as well which needs to be addressed such as more bus only lanes such as down Southtown Road.

“It is a good thing the survey is being conducted and I just hope it can contribute to future improvements.”

The programme of surveys has been devised as far as possible to avoid any ongoing roadworks.

The location of the surveys are not identified in advance as Norfolk County Council say this will distort the results.

The surveys should be concluded by November 25 and a spokesman for the county council has apologised for any inconvenience that will be caused.

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