Mysterious lights appear in skies over Great Yarmouth

mysterious lights filmed in Great Yarmouth

A father and son have shared video footage of mysterious lights in the sky above Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

A father and son have shared video footage of strange moving lights over Great Yarmouth.

The bewildered sky-gazers were standing outside their home in York Road waiting for a food delivery at around 9.54pm on Monday (August 23) when the lights caught their eye.

Laurence Harvey, 59, said his son Liam, 15, grabbed his phone and immediately started recording in the hope someone would be able to explain what they were looking at.

But so far the pair are stumped.

Father and son film strange lights over Great Yarmouth

Laurence Harvey and his son Liam are mystified after filming strange lights over Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

Mr Harvey said the first single light was red hovering over the sea "like a ruby red star."

"It was stationary but when it started to move it turned green," he said.

UFOs over Great Yarmouth spotted by father and son

A light like 'a ruby red star' has intrigued a father and son in Great Yarmouth. After watching it dart about and change colour, they witnessed a flurry of different 'dancing' lights. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

"It seemed to go on and off but it definitely wasn't a helicopter because it was so quiet.

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"It started to move from Gorleston to Caister along the coast, then it went back again, then it sat above a chimney."

Transfixed the pair then spotted a group of lights "like stars dancing about" which moved around in a group.

Mysterious lights have been filmed in they sky above Great Yarmouth

A father and son are looking for help to identify some mysterious lights they filmed in the sky above Great Yarmouth on Monday August 23 at around 9.54pm. - Credit: Laurence Harvey

Although totally different they believe the two sightings are connected.

"They were definitely not birds," he added. "They were too bright.

"We are just intrigued and it would be nice to have an explanation."

He said he had considered all the usual suspects like lanterns, drones, helicopters, birds and meteor showers but none seemed to fit the bill.

"It is definitely a UFO," he added. "In that we can't identify it."

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