‘The warmest feeling’ - Keyworker overwhelmed after stranger replaces stolen bike

Kurt Greenwood, a key worker at Sunbeams Play, with his new bike donated by well-wisher Adrian Gray

Kurt Greenwood, a key worker at Sunbeams Play, with his new bike donated by well-wisher Adrian Gray from Gorleston who was moved by his plight after his old bike was stolen Picture: Sunbeams Play - Credit: Archant

A keyworker at an autism centre is back on the road after a stranger bought him a new bike.

Kurt Greenword’s bicycle was stolen while he was at work at Sunbeams Play in Great Yarmouth last month.

He discovered the theft after receiving an award for bringing joy to children’s lives during the lockdown.

As centre staff and parents rallied round offering donations and lifts his plight touched the heart of Adrian Gray, of Gorleston.

MORE: Staff at autism centre rally round after ‘amazing’ keyworker’s bicycle stolenThe retired oil and gas worker stepped in to pay for a new bike saying he was delighted to be able to help.

He said: “He is obviously a well deserving young man and I am happy to have been able to help.

“It certainly does give everybody a warm feeling to hear about individuals who have suffered misfortune but suddenly out of the blue fate takes a hand and happiness is fully restored.

“Believe me I had the warmest feeling of all to be able to help a deserving somebody such as him.

“Life has been very kind to me and I am so very fortunate to have been able to help in this small way.”

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Sue Carr, deputy manager at Sunbeams said: “On Kurt’s behalf l would like to say thank you.

“We were delighted to present Kurt with a new bike following a kind donation from Adrian Gray who covered the cost of the bike and further donations from parents and staff to purchase lights and locks.

“The bike was purchased from Halfords in Great Yarmouth who gave a discount and donated a set of mud guards.

“Kurt who has been supported by his family and colleges to get to work since his bike was stolen on October 16 has also received a card from the Lord Lieutenant for Norfolk Lady Dannatt who expressed her disappointment in the theft and thanked Kurt for his hard work and determination throughout the pandemic supporting vulnerable children and young people.

“Kurt was overwhelmed by the response his story has received and would like to personally thank everyone for their kindness and support.”

The 22-year-old, who is on the spectrum himself, has been hailed as going “above and beyond with everything he does to make everyone feel happy.”