Strikes set to affect all but three council services in Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth Borough Council bosses have agreed terms to keep three services fully staffed during Wednesday’s planned strikes with trades unions.

But beyond these services, which are the crematorium, the housing warden service and the Wherry Way Control Centre, which deals with supported accommodation, no council service is guaranteed as being safe from disruption.

In addition to these three services agreed with the trades union Unison, there is an exemption for an emergency officer to operate in the council’s homelessness team.

But no assurances have been given for other services and council bosses say the number of people that will be withdrawing their labour is not known yet.

Services that will be affected include rubbish collection and street sweeping.

Schools are dealt with separately by the County Council, and bosses say they have been informed of 43 full of partial school closures across Norfolk so far.

But as schools are communicating with parents and carers direct this figure is expected to be substantially higher on the day.

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A borough council spokesman said: “We expect most of our services to be operating, but there may well be impacts on service delivery due to either staff striking, or not being able to make it into work due to school closures.”

As reported, the planned national strike day on Wednesday is a call for a fairer public sector pensions deal and a protest against government cuts.