'It's not even that short' - schoolboy, 14, put in isolation due to haircut

Claire and Leon Anderson

Claire Anderson took her son out of school because she felt the school's policy on hairstyles is "too extreme". - Credit: James Weeds

A Great Yarmouth school has isolated one of its students because of his haircut.

Claire Anderson took her son out of Lynn Grove Academy in Bradwell on Monday morning after the school put him into isolation due his haircut not adhering with school policy.

Leon Anderson, 14, was happy with his new trim - a number three cut on top, number one on the back and sides with a straight line - which he got on the weekend.

When Leon went to his first class on Monday morning, the teacher sent him to the Internal Exclusion Room (IER).

Leon Anderson

Leon Anderson was sent to the Internal Exclusion Room for having a number one back and sides with horizontal stripes shaved in. - Credit: James Weeds

Inside IER, students are sat in silence without time outside during breaks and they receive an additional 30-minute detention at the end of the school day.

Leon was told he would be spending two days in IER as his hairstyle was against the rules.

"They just need to change the policy," Leon said.

Leon Anderson's haircut

Leon's confidence has been rocked for getting in trouble for his hairstyle, his mother says. - Credit: James Weeds

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Upon hearing the news of Leon's isolation, Ms Anderson decided to take him out of school.

"I get they have rules and stuff like that, but that is a bit extreme. It's not even that short."

Ms Anderson noted that it had been an issue in the school before.

"I think it's about time they reconsider their policy," she said.

Leon's stripe.

The Lynn Grove Parent's Handbook states "hair should not be shorter than a number 2 clipper length, including the sides and back." - Credit: Claire Anderson

"I understand the school uniform policy, but Leon doesn't wear trainers or have bright green hair or anything like that.

"It took Leon a long time to get his hair cut. It was so long.

"And now his confidence has taken a knock because he got in trouble for it.

"A haircut is not going to affect students' learning."

Lynn Grove Academy principal Alison Mobbs said the parts of the school affected had been "deep clean

Lynn Grove Academy principal Alison Mobbs said: "We believe that it is very important that school rules are upheld." - Credit: Archant

Ms Mobbs, principal of Lynn Grove Academy, said: "Our policies are really clearly communicated - through assemblies, form time, online and by letter - to students and parents.

"We believe that it is very important that school rules are upheld.

Lynn Grove Academy's Parents Handbook states that hair, including the sides and the back, should not be shorter than a number two gradient and "shaved stripes/tram lines or line hairstyles are not permitted".

"We believe smart presentation is important for children's future success," Ms Mobbs said.

"And our policy hasn't changed in about 10 years."

Mike Smith-Clare, borough councillor for Great Yarmouth. Photo: Archant

Cllr Mike Smith-Clare said isolation and labelling harms learning whereas hairstyles don't. - Credit: Archant

The Labour party's county lead for children and young people, Cllr Mike Smith-Clare said: ‘Hairstyles do not prevent learning - unfortunately isolation and labelling does.

"For many young people their hair offers an opportunity to celebrate individuality, identity, culture and religion.

"Yes schools need rules, but surely the greatest rule to follow in these situations is one of common sense."