Super slimmer Sarah drops from size 18 to 12 in six months

swlimming world

swlimming world - Credit: Archant

A slimmer from Great Yarmouth has lots of reasons to celebrate after losing one and a half stone in weight in less than a six months, dropping from size 18 to an amazing size 12.

slimming world

slimming world - Credit: Archant

Sarah Carass, 29, partner to Gavin and mum of 19 month old daughter Rose feels just fantastic since her loss and has so much more energy.

“I’m able to enjoy beautiful Rose more. We go to the swings and baby groups and I now take her swimming and don’t feel like a whale!” said Sarah.

Life was very different six months ago. She was unhappy with her size and her self-confidence was at rock bottom. Sarah’s weight gain started in 2010 when she had her thyroid removed due to suffering from Grave’s disease since 2008. Graves’ disease is an auto-immune disease that affects the thyroid.

She also has Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a condition that means she suffers chronic pain of dislocations on a regular basis. So with all the extra weight both her conditions got much worse, especially her Hypermobility EDS.

Sarah explained: “I put on two and a half stone when I was pregnant with Rose. I knew as soon as she was out I needed to lose the weight as it was doing so much damage to my already poorly joints and muscles. We had a newborn shoot with Rose and I hated every photo I was in. My size 18 jeans were too tight and I refused to buy a size 20 so thought I’d better do something about it.”

Last October, Sarah joined her local Slimming World group at Mill lane Community Centre, run by Karley Manthorpe, and began her transformation.

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Sarah said: “Now most of that weight has gone my pain has improved. My hips, knees and other joints still dislocate but not as frequent and it doesn’t take me long to recover from my dislocations.”

She said: “The eating plan was completely different from what I’d expected. I thought losing weight meant not eating very much or cutting out all of your favourite foods but now I know that’s far from the case.

“I can even eat chocolate! I know the food I am feeding myself and my little family is full of goodness and nutrition. I know exactly what is in it.

“Honestly though, I think my Tuesday nights at group are my favourite thing, there is no way I could have got this far without the help and support of all of my fellow members.”

Sarah has blossomed since dropping from to a size 12 and she no longer feels like the odd one out.

Karley’s groups are held on Tuesday at Mill Lane Community Centre 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm and every Saturday at Shrublands Youth and Adult Centre Theatre Room, Magdalen Way, Gorleston at 8.30am. For details, contact Karley on 07552 760668.