WATCH: Moment man finds tawny owl at bottom of 12ft chimney

tawny owl rescued from chimney and certain death in Ormesby

It was after opening this hatch in a bedroom flue that Tony Bushkes discovered the tawny owl that had been making 'spooky' noises for four or five days. - Credit: Tony Bushkes

A man who was "spooked" by rustling coming from his chimney was amazed to find a tawny owl stuck inside.

Tony Bushkes said the fire had not been lit or the chimney swept for about 11 years in the home he shares in Ormesby with partner Janice.

"It was a bit spooky," he said.

"For three or four nights we could hear this rustling and were worried it could be rats or a squirrel.

"I took the plate off and started to clear out loads of sticks when lo and behold this little chap appeared.

tawny owl stuck in chimney in ormesby

What's behind the door? Tony Bushkes had no idea until he started clearing away a mass of sticks and an owl popped its head out. - Credit: Tony Bushkes

"I took him outside and put him on a log but he flew off next to the car and hunkered down.

"I thought I would keep an eye on him in case of cats then he just took off."

tawny owl stuck in chimney in ormesby st margaret Norfolk

After some minutes poking around in the flue and clearing our 11 years' worth of sticks and twigs left by jackdaws the tawny owl made itself known. - Credit: Tony Bushkes

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He said the owl seemed none the worse for its ordeal, even though it had likely been trapped for days trying to get out, and would have starved to death.

Filming himself making the discovery Mr Bushkes can be seen pulling out twigs and sticks for several minutes - the remnants of jackdaws nesting - before his hapless visitor makes an appearance.

tawny owl stuck in chimney ormesby

A rather bleary tawny owl is rescued and brought into the light by Tony Bushkes after four or five days stuck in a chimney. - Credit: Tony Bushkes

The 76-year-old is seen expressing his shock and then exclaiming: "Oh you little darling."

He goes on to say: "Well I found out what's doing it. We have an owl, we have a tawny owl. Hello sweetheart!"

He then dives in with both hands to retrieve the owl who appears dazed, with Mr Bushkes saying how he can't believe it.

Mr Bushkes, a former manager with Jewsons, tells partner Janice about his discovery who is heard  to react with "Oh wow."

tawny owl stuck in chimney Ormesby, Norfolk

Tony Bushkes holding the tawny owl he rescued from a flue in his house after hearing some 'rustlings'. - Credit: Tony Bushkes

The owl took off into woodland near their home apparently unharmed.

"I thought there was something in there alive but I did not know what," he said.

"The last thing that was on my mind was an owl. It was amazing."

It is not the first owl encounter Mr Bushkes has had in Ormesby.

At Christmas he captured a series of stunning shots of an escaped eagle owl in the village churchyard and enjoyed regular sightings of the feathered creature.

The eagle owl was not seen for some weeks but was spotted near the riding school in the last few days. There have also been sightings of an eagle owl in Norwich.