Teenager attacks paramedic in Yarmouth

A TEENAGER attacked a cycling paramedic as he raced to help a fitting toddler on Great Yarmouth seafront, booting a football at his bike and sending him sailing over the handlebars.

The paramedic – who did not wish to be named by the Mercury – was en route to a 14-month-old boy suffering a fit in Marine Parade when a group of youths in Alma Road deliberately kicked the ball at his bike.

It caught under his wheel and he was left with cuts, bruising and damage to the bike when he flew over the handlebars.

He attended the 999 call on foot after the assault at 1.30pm on Monday, and the toddler was taken to the James Paget University Hospital (JPH) by ambulance after receiving initial first aid on scene.

An 18-year-old girl was arrested for common assault and criminal damage in connection with the incident but was later released.

And the ambulance service has hit out at the youths for potentially putting a toddler’s life at risk.

Nick Todd, duty manager for Yarmouth and Waveney, said: “I find it utterly reprehensible that a group of people would find it entertaining to not only put one of our members of staff at risk but potentially the life of the patient he was attending.”

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While the group of youths stood and laughed at the paramedic, he kept his patient’s wellbeing in mind and ensured the boy got treatment.

“What the paramedic did was commendable,” added Mr Todd. “As despite the threat of his attackers lurking and laughing on scene he got up, left the damaged bike and rushed to where the child was to ensure he could still help.

“After handing the child over to the double-crewed ambulance to take to hospital he then went back to get the bike, despite the assailants still being on scene.”

He added that the ambulance service will not let people get away with putting its staff or patients in danger.

“Someone was arrested as a result of this incident and we want to warn anyone thinking of abusing any of our staff that such attacks are taken extremely seriously,” said Mr Todd. “The ambulance service will do everything in its power to bring about a prosecution.

These kind of incidents harm and hinder our staff and by doing so potentially put patients’ lives at risk.”