Thai Monks visit Great Yarmouth

Thai monks from across the world with John and May Hemsley of the Hotel Victoria

Thai monks from across the world with John and May Hemsley of the Hotel Victoria - Credit: Archant

Monks based from temples across the world took to Great Yarmouth at the weekend.

Monks based from temples across the world visited Great Yarmouth.

A delegation of senior Thai monks and their assistants from Thailand, India, Scotland and Denmark stayed at the Hotel Victoria in Great Yarmouth after being invited by owner May Hemsley, who knows the Abbot (Phraprommasith) personally.

On Saturday, April 9, after having breakfast in the hotel, they went on to visit the One Thai Cafe and restaurant in Great Yarmouth for lunch where they blessed the restaurant and its food.

While they were staying in Yarmouth, Graham Johns, one of the entertainers at the Hotel Victoria arranged and accompanied them, together with May Hemsley, on a tour of Norwich Cathedral and Wroxham Barns.

John Hemsley who owns the hotel with May said: “One of the monks was from the Wat Saket Temple, also known as the Golden Mount in Bangkok in Thailand.

“It was a great honour to have them here. They stayed here for two nights, before making their way to Leeds, Leicester and then Birmingham where they will meet a member of the Royal Family for the opening of a Thai temple.

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“So for them to come to Great Yarmouth as well during their trip is a real nice coup and great for the town.

“I know they are opening a new temple in Birmingham, maybe in the future we may have a Thai Temple in Norfolk.”

Kevan Wright from the One Thai Restaurant said: “This is a very rare occurrence to have seven monks at this senior high-level together.

“Their visit to the restaurant was to sample the food and to give their blessing and it was an honour to have them here.”

The Thai monks make frequent visits to see people and countries across the globe.

Last year the Abbott, the person in charge of the delegation of monks went to Italy to see the Pope.

It was the first time Thai monks had visited the Pope in 30 years.