The anniversary waltz for couple who celebrate their diamond wedding

Joy and Peter Warr who celebrate their Diamond Wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve.Picture: James B

Joy and Peter Warr who celebrate their Diamond Wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

After sixty years, this couple are still dancing the night away as a wedded couple.

Peter and Joy Warr, celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary today, and over the past 60 years, the couple have been like two peas in a pod.

Ever since meeting each other at work, the pair have always been together, and you could easily spot the colour-coordinated couple wherever you see them.

Mrs Warr, 84, said: “Our recipe for a long and happy marriage has been lots of love, plenty of laughter, we share the same interests and there are no secrets between us.

“One of our main loves has been dancing - to the point where we have had people on the street come to us and say ‘hey there’s the dancers’.

“We are always colour co-ordinated and always seem to be together. In fact, I went to the shops one day without Peter last week, and a couple who we always see about were shocked that Peter was not with me.”

The pair were born in Norwich, and met while working at Colmans of Norwich at the company’s monthly dance.

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Though they worked in different departments, they would keep in contact by sending notes to each other.

It was on Christmas Eve 1955 when they got married and moved into a company property in Norwich.

During the early days Mr Warr as on shift work, so Joy left Colmans to get a part-time job at Tom Smiths cracker factory in Norwich.

Over the years, Peter progressed to become a superintendent and supervised the start of Colman Sauce Mixes, while also being involved in the condiments department.

Mr Warr took early retirement in 1991, and was closely followed by Joy.

With time now on their hands, the pair took up indoor bowls and dancing, winning several trophies in both.

In 1997, the couple moved from Norwich to Caister.

Mr Warr, 81, said: “We were moving into a newly constructed house and we would always come into the area to do some dancing, and then we would have a look at our home being constructed.

“When we moved in, we made a decision to run local dances at the village hall in Ormesby Saint Margaret which we did for ten years before I had to stop due to health reasons.

“We won several competitions in both ballroom and Latin dancing as well as bowls which was another big hobby of ours.

“We still always have time to pursue our passion for dancing, though we do it now with less vigour.”

The pair have one child, Heather Barnard, 57, and two grandchildren.

They will hold celebrations with friends and family, and the main day was spent at Warners Leisure Resort at Lowestoft where they have been visiting for 20 years.