The Bradwell street that doesn’t exist

IT can be seen from outer space, but closer to earth level the phantom street mysteriously disappears from view.

While Islington Row appears on the Google Earth and Street View maps of Bradwell, at ground level the road is no-where to be seen.

The virtual reality road’s presence at the end of Beech Rise is causing much head scratching among residents of the quiet cul-de-sac.

It is also shown on sat nav systems guiding drivers to the handful of detached houses along the unassuming private road off Lords Lane.

Pensioner Arthur Sayers has been puzzling about the existence of Islington Row on his sat nav and the Google Earth website for more than two years.

The grandfather of three contacted the Mercury this week after reading a recent report in the paper about Drake Avenue in Great Yarmouth which does not appear on Street View.

A former high-school technician and retained firefighter Mr Sayers, 68, said: “There is a road in Yarmouth that exists which does not appear on Google and one here that does, but is not real.

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“Islington Row is shown as a turn off by the side of our house, which in reality is a neighbour’s garden.

“No-one seems to be able to shed light on the puzzle. It is very strange, we are all scratching our heads. When drivers arrive here the first thing they say is where is Islington Row?”

“It is clearly highlighted on Google Earth at the end of the road turning off to the left towards Dorothy Avenue, but then vanishes as you zoom closer in. It is a case of now you see it now you don’t.”

Neighbour Doris Whiting, 81, who has lived on Beech Rise for nearly 50 years is equally perplexed. She said: “My late husband built our house and there were just fields at the time. I am not aware of Islington Row ever existing here or anywhere else in the village. Why would it be named after somewhere in London? I really cannot imagine how this has happened.”

Google communications and public affairs manager Laura Scott said: “Google Maps in UK is made up of data from a variety of third parties. The vast majority of it is very accurate but there are occasional blips.”

People can let the provider know at