Man's 5,000 mile round-Britain-run starting in Yarmouth

Luke Douglas-Home aka The Coastline Runner

Luke Douglas-Home is running round Great Britain, juggling the demands of family life and work, and measuring his carbon emissions which he will offset in Norfolk. - Credit: supplied by Luke Douglas-Home

An amateur runner is setting out on a round Britain run to raise awareness of environmental issues and carbon emissions.

Luke Douglas-Home, who lives in Burnham Overy Staithe and London, is pulling on his running shoes on Monday (November 1) when he sets off from the harbour's mouth in Yarmouth to Hemsby on the first leg of a likely year-long trip.

Luke Douglas-Home aka The Coastline Runner

Luke Douglas-Home a chartered environmentalist with A Future Without Rubbish CIC delivering a talk to school children. - Credit: supplied by Luke Douglas-Home

The 50-year-old will aim to complete around 13 miles at a time, juggling the demands of work and family life, and adopting the name The Coastline Runner.

It means he will run for one or two days a week, using public transport to make the journey home - likely London in term time, and Norfolk during the holidays.

Mr Douglas-Home, a chartered environmentalist with A Future Without Rubbish, said it was a personal challenge as well as a way of raising awareness about environmental impact and how it could be measured and tackled.

A crucial part of his trip will be logging the public transport travel and calculating his carbon footprint.

He will then find the best local schemes to offset emissions.

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"The first step to managing something is to measure it," he said.

"We should all be aware of our carbon emissions."

He will also be filling a bag with plastic waste under the One Bag, Zero Waste initiative.

He aims to complete the Norfolk section, some 60 miles, by Christmas.

Luke Douglas-Home, aka The Coastline Runner

Luke Douglas-Home, aka The Coastline Runner, will be setting off on a round-Britain-run on Monday November 1 in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: supplied by Luke Douglas-Home

A self-confessed amateur runner he said he enjoyed running the coast and would be hugging the shoreline as much as possible. 

He was also keen to "do something" rather than "just talking" on the eve of COP26.

His efforts have won the backing of Andrew Jamieson, county councillor for North Coast and chair of The Norfolk Coastal Partnership, who said: "We should all join The Coastline Runner along Norfolk's beautiful coast and beyond."

Mr Douglas-Home said the one thing he wouldn't pick up would be bagged dog mess which had been thrown in the sea - one of his major bugbears and something he hoped to change attitudes about.

A Just Giving page has been set up to meet some of the costs of the journey.

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