The Lady vanishes: readers’ comments

A large piece of street art has appeared within the bus shelter on Magdalen Way, close to Trinity Av

A large piece of street art has appeared within the bus shelter on Magdalen Way, close to Trinity Avenue in Gorleston.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

Readers had their say about stunning graffiti by a mystery artist, painted in a bus shelter on the Magdalen estate in Gorleston.

The council has painted over it:

What a beautiful piece of artwork, it would be such a shame if Great Yarmouth Borough Council cleaned it off. I personally can’t wait to see it, just hope I get there before they do. Would like to say a big thank you to the artist, I think it’s fabulous. SHEILA LONGSTAFF

The artwork is really lovely, it has a sense of serenity, it’s light in a dark place. A dull and dreary bus shelter has been given a bit of life. Perhaps instead of removing it, the rest of the bus shelter with its graffiti could be painted to make that artwork stand out. And is that really a bus shelter? It has no seats for people to sit on while waiting for a bus, the lighting looks poor judging by what I can see. Mrs P LONG

Quite correct. Fine people for doing it. However, should they do something which improves the position in which it takes place leave it. In this case great effort in a gloomy position. The odd exception to the rule will not be the end of the world. DEREK COOK

I like the white lady and so do more people. She has been there for two weeks and no-one has spoilt. It’s better than the bad words and pee which the council has never bothered about. Once it’s gone graffiti will be back and that will suit the council. Please spare the white lady. CAROL PETTINGILL

Why would our cash-strapped council want to waste good money removing a piece of art that surely brightens up an otherwise drab bus shelter on Magdalen Way. The image is in no way offensive and it would be a thoughtless bit of bureaucracy to destroy it. Surely it should be a case for following the spirit of the law rather than the letter. JOHN LAXTON

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Why is this going to be removed? It is brilliant! This is art, not graffiti! And how is this going to affect an ugly bus stop? Get a grip council. DAWN GIBBS

I pass this every day, and think this amazing piece of art should remain. If it’s to be covered it had better be more beautiful than this. Highly unlikely. S CARVEL

Please don’t let the artwork on the Magdalen be covered up. This area desperately needs some beauty, culture and inspiration of this sort. It is a wonderful example of creativity put on an unassuming place that harms no-one but pleases and inspires many. I am an artist and gallery manager in Riverside Art and Glass in Wroxham and come from the Gorleston area where my family still live. Art meant everything to me growing up and I was lucky to have been talented and encouraged by friends and family but some people don’t have this in their lives. This beautiful image must be kept and all creativity should always be encouraged especially in areas such as this. CLAIRE CANSICK

I am against vandalism and the normal sorts of graffiti, but can this piece of art really be considered graffiti? I think not and I think it should be encouraged and allowed to stay. The image portrayed is quite surreal, elegant and, in a strange way, relaxing. I say let her stay! BECKY THOMAS

Regarding the Lady that has been beautifully drawn (or stencilled ) in the Magdalen Way bus stop: Okay, so it is classed as graffiti, but what is wrong with it? I could understand if it was disgusting or abusive, but it is neither. I would like to see something similar in the shelters on Gorleston prom that have just been re-furbished, just to give some attraction to them as they don’t look finished. Whoever did the Lady picture, I say good luck to you, you certainly have got talent. To the borough council who say they have to use public money to remove it, I say I am a member of the public, don’t use my money to remove the picture, just leave it where it is. ALAN MARSHAM

Just read the article in Mercury about the graffiti in the Gorleston bus shelter. There has been awful graffiti in that bus shelter for years, foul language, rude images, things that most people do not want to see, and now someone has decided to cover most of that with a wonderful

and beautiful image and Great Yarmouth Borough Council wants to remove it as soon as possible. Why? Leave it, it will save the council time and money removing and covers the eyesore that was there before. And please EMO, cover the other walls. DONNA GILLETT

We saw the artwork in the bus shelter and we personally think it should stay. Someone put a lot of thought and time into it and it’s hundreds of times better than the previous graffiti seen, not only in that bus shelter but other ones, too often containing bad language which isn’t a nice sight when you are walking past with children looking at it. The HUTCHINSON FAMILY

That stunning image of the lady in the bus shelter was obviously produced by a very talented artist. It seems such a pity something of beauty that has given pleasure and a few smiles to those who have seen it, is now going to be destroyed by the jobsworth brigade at the borough council. It’s a good thing that this silliness didn’t exist when Michaelangelo was up his ladder painting pictures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! PAULINE LYNCH

I don’t usually respond to these news items but to destroy this beautiful, sensitive artwork would be a real shame. I hope enough people feel the same way, if the council does not destroy it they would demonstrate they have a soul and would demonstrate they care about public opinion and the people they serve. MARGARET CLARKE