The Yarmouth street that ‘doesn’t exist’

A QUIET Great Yarmouth cul-de-sac was branded “the street that doesn’t exist” by frustrated residents this week.

With houses needing repairs and no road lights for more than a year, Drake Avenue has even been missed off on Google’s Street View website.

While council houses on neighbouring north Yarmouth streets were re-roofed two years ago, the old slate tiles are still to be replaced on Kathleen Durrant’s home.

Mrs Durrant, 59, who has lived on Drake Avenue for the last 14 years, said residents felt “the road had been wiped off the map.”

The street lights were finally restored to working order last month after residents made countless complaints to the borough council contractors.

Registered childminder Mrs Durrant said: “There was no explanation why the lights were not working – we just kept being told that contractors were looking at it.

“Workmen came down here and left the cover of the wiring box open for a couple of weeks and dug a hole outside and then came back a week later to fill it in.

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“My home is covered with dirt and dust getting in through the roof. When the houses on Raleigh Avenue got re-tiled I asked the workmen if they were doing our homes next, but they told me they were going to Gorleston.

“It is impossible for cars trying to turn round here. The kerbstones are so high, drivers have ripped their tyres on them. I just hope something can be done – it’s like banging your head against a brick wall.”

Borough council service manager for housing support Simon Baker said: “We carried out a programme of roofing works in 2008 for both Drake Avenue and Raleigh Avenue.

“In all cases we encourage residents to contact their estate managers to discuss any concerns and without knowing full details of this query it is not appropriate for us to comment further.”

Mrs Durrant’s husband John discovered Drake Avenue was not on the Street View website a few weeks ago.

All the neighbouring roads in Yarmouth have been filmed for the Google internet map which went online in March last year.

“I was not that surprised that Drake Avenue had not been covered it is like we don’t exist,” said Mrs Durrant. “The camera shot runs along Beatty Road, but stops at our junction.

“We can see my brother’s house in Australia and even look at his back garden and swimming pool, but they can’t see ours!”

Google spokesman Laura Scott said: “It is nothing personal, we would love to have Mrs Durrant’s road on Street View. We will make every effort to add it in future. It is possible the camera car driver made a mistake or access to the road was blocked when we filmed there.

“About 95pc of roads on the UK are included on Street View and we are filming all the time.”