These Rebels have got a good cause at heart

Rebels Bingo Club from Potter Heigham have reached the £20k mark in their fundraising for local good

Rebels Bingo Club from Potter Heigham have reached the £20k mark in their fundraising for local good causes.Margaret Molesworth (centre) who has been running the club since 2007 at Potter Heigham Village Hall.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

It was eyes down and smiles all round as a bingo club reached their latest jackpot total for charity.

The Rebels Bingo club started in 2007 and the group have raised £20,000 for charity since they started out with their fortnightly bingo sessions in Potter Heigham Village Hall.

The group have helped over 100 good causes through their donations, with a diverse variety of beneficaries being helped, ranging from those which assist children and animals, to wards at the James Paget Hospital.

The same group have been running the club since it started nine years ago and Margaret Molesworth, 70, who organises the prizes and calls the numbers, said: “We have a lot of fun, it is a good fun bingo. There is always a full-house and quite a few two liners.”

Around 40-50 regulars regular attend, some from as far away as Caister and North Walsham.

Mrs Molesworth, a grandmother to 14, and great-grandmother to 10, said: “The regulars all have their usual seats but anybody can turn up.

“All the prizes are things you would buy in your weekly shop, all edible or household items.”

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When the group started, if someone got a full house they would draw a ball out of a box and the corresponding number on the ball would represent a charity where a £100 donation would be made.

Now the leaders of the club make decisions about which good causes that are chosen.

“We are trying to keep it local,” said Mrs Molesworth, who lives in Evans Lombe Close in Repps with Bastwick.

She added: “I know our next lot are going to be a lot of doctor’s surgeries.”

The group have also made larger donations to good causes in recent times, including £500 to the Potter Heigham Village Hall and East Coast Truckers, £400 to Billy’s Steps and Sophia Frostdick and £200 to the Children’s Unit at the Paget.

The members of the bingo club are able to suggest charities they would like to support and also whether they would like to make a larger contribution.

The club’s next fortnightly bingo session is on Saturday, March 5 at 7.30pm at Potter Heigham Village Hall in School Road.