Too many homes in Caister, says parish council chairman

CAISTER parish councillors say too many homes are being built in their village, and have accused borough planners of allowing overdevelopment.

They say houses are being squeezed in, reducing the amount of green space and putting a strain on car parking.

Tony Overill, chairman of the parish council, says approved plans to build 12 town houses on the former Esso garage site in Yarmouth Road exemplify the problem - the parish objected to them, but they were granted by the borough.

And the parish will be objecting to newly lodged plans to build five homes on a car park and garden by Charles Close.

“I just think it’s wrong that the borough should be overriding decisions by the parish,” said Mr Overill. “Parishes are supposed to have more autonomy over their own running.”

Speaking of the new plans for Charles Close, lodged by the borough council, Mr Overill said: “They’re now talking about building houses on car parking spaces.

“People have got to park somewhere and it’s already a hell of a job to get up and down there.

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“This is only going to aggravate the situation and I’m annoyed they’re looking to take parking space away to locate houses on.”

And speaking of the approved plans for the former Esso garage site, which were lodged by Brian Newson Developments, he said: “We said it was an overdevelopment of the site, but the borough overruled us and they’ve now given permission to build.

“There’s nothing between the boundary and other residents.”

But the planning committee at Great Yarmouth Borough Council say each application is carefully considered, and that they listen to the parish council.

Ron Hanton, chairman of the borough’s development control committee, said: “In all planning applications people are consulted but at the end of the day the planning committee decides as best they see fit.

“If it’s contrary to the parish view, so be it.”

He added parish councillors are welcome to come to meetings to state their objections.

“A person who puts in their comments is always weighed up against the application,” said Mr Hanton. “They do it on the merits of the case as they see it at the time.

“Whether it goes the way of the parish council is democracy. If they’re saying the parish is to decide there’s no point of having a development control committee.”

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