Watch: Dashcam footage shows close shave on Acle Straight

Dashcam footage of a car dangerously overtaking on Acle Straight.

A dangerous manoeuvre on the Acle Straight earlier this year. - Credit: Supplied

Dashcam footage shows the moment a driver on the Acle Straight decided to overtake despite oncoming traffic being very close by.

The incident was captured on a driver's dashcam on Wednesday, April 7, as they were travelling eastbound on the A47 towards Great Yarmouth.

The video shows a car pulling out into oncoming traffic to overtake a lorry on the A47.

The dashcam footage shows the driver had to slam on the brakes to make sure the oncoming driver could get back into their lane in time, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Driver Steve Mindham said: "I’ve found that in the middle of the day most of the traffic using the Acle Straight is travelling at a reasonable pace and it seems a bit pointless and unnecessary to try to overtake anything – you just end up behind the next vehicle travelling at the same sort of speed.

"I think the other driver totally misjudged how far away I was when he started to overtake the lorry. Fortunately I could slow down enough to avoid a more serious incident." 

Since the 1980s, the Eastern Daily Press has been involved in a Just Dual It campaign to provide better quality infrastructure the Norfolk.

In 1989, a claim from a government white paper announced that within ten years the A47 would be dualled all the way from Peterborough to Great Yarmouth, but plans were scrapped in the mid-1990s after government cutbacks.